Monday, 30 December 2013

Final Sum & Christmas!!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!!:)
What did you get for Christmas? I finally got a onesie and it was a panda!! Which if you haven't guessed is my favourite animal:D Thank you Mum and Dad(No I do not believe in Santa!)  I also got a red bandanna for my hair, lots of chocolates, a fabric owl to sew scraps onto, some letter buttons, a lockable box to put my diary etc in, a manicure set, some nail beads and the rest are in this picture ... 

Most of my prezzies

All of my chocies:)

The things on my music box
(Yes that snowman has my name on it!!:D)

Most of these are from my friends except the pen and pad thing:)

My Panda onesie :D

So I had a pretty good Christmas:) I also have the final sum of money from my key-rings!
So the final amount of money I raised from selling my key-rings at church is... Drum roll please... £38!!! How cool is that!!?? I'm so pleased! We are probably going to have a few friends over for New Years eve, what about you?? 

I hope you have a fantastic 2014!! I'm guessing this will be my last post of 2013, so that's me for this year!! GOODBYE READERS (...if i even have any...) xMx 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


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Okay so last update I had £25. Now unfortunately I was ill on Sunday but my lovely sisters took over for me and got up to £30 and got me 2 extra requests!! Thank you Girlies :D When they told me I was a little worried because I still had a request from last week and one of the number keyrings to finish, and being ill and only having 9 days until Christmas I was a little panicked. Luckily though I have finished off the 2 things left over from last week and hopefully will be able to do the others today too:D I may even be able to fit in some wrapping later.

Are YOU ready for it?

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


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Okay so the total so far for the money raised on my keyrings is £25.00!!! Plus I have a request for 2 letters (one already paid) (both £1.50) , a heart, and 2 numbers but the man that asked for them said he'd pay a bit extra because they're custom made. So altogether when they've been paid for I'll have about £30.50!!! All for the Youth Mission Fund which basically raises money for anyone that wants to go on a mission:) I also have 16 more letters to sell!! So in the end I'll have a lot of money:D WOOO!!!

Monday, 2 December 2013


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OOk so yes Christmas is still 3 weeks away but I'm super excited:D So to got you in the mood with me I decided I'd tell you how we spend it in our house.

So of course we wake up usually about 6 or 7 and open stocking presents. Us girls have a mini tree in the middle of our floor that my parents put the presents under (No I do not believe in Santa).
Then we get ready and go to church, bringing one of our stocking presents to show at the front if we want to.
When we get home we open a game, usually from my grandparents, to play whilst mum and dad cook dinner.
When dinners done we tuck in:d
After dinner (Which usually takes a while) we clear up.
After clearing up and everyone's ready we sit down to do presents under the tree:D It's usually dark by then which makes it feel so nice:D
Then we have a little time to look at our new things and chill:)

Well that's my Christmas for you:)

I sold my keyrings at church on Sunday:D
I sold 10 and raised £18.50:) I'm going to bring them back next week to hopefully sell some more:) Have a lovely Christmas Minnie xxx

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Weekly Catch up...

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Don't you just love snow? I do... well except for the fact that it blocks roads and makes traffic really slow and can sometimes be really dangerous. We unfortunately we don't usually get that much here but like just halfway across the motorway they've already had tons:( Last year we actually got enough snow to make an igloo and 2 snowmen in our back garden! I don't actually think the igloo ended  up with a roof or not but it was made with individual bricks and it did look pretty cool. I'll see if I can get a picture for you but my desktop on the other computer was deleted and it was the only one that had my Dropbox account on it(Which is synced to my phone and it's pictures) so I'm not sure whether I'll be able to.

So as some of you may or may not know yesterday was Lilo's birthday!!  It was her 10th birthday so that meant she got to go to Costa Coffee!! This was a tradition that I started actually and you can find my short but very sweet post about it here (I was only 10 remember!!)

Anyway she had a lovely birthday and ended up coming home with half a muffin!! She actually got most of the things on her Christmas list so now mum doesn't know what to get her!!
She got-

  1. A Sylvanian Families Ice cream van (I was a bit ocd about the stickers!!)
  2. A Lego Friends stage,piano,and mic set
  3. £10
  4. A bracelet
  5. A book
  6. A necklace that says her name on it
  7. A "Fabulous Fingerprints" Book(It's by Klutz)
  8. A notebook from me:D
  9. Some Maltesers
I think that's it. That's a lot more than I got on my 10th birthday,but I guess I did get a DS!!

This is an amazing "M"
So a catch up on Christmas makes, I've only got 4 more keyrings to finish!! There are a few that the ribbon fell of though so I might redo them, also the "C" has gone missing so I need to find that and finish it! Then after that I've got to make Granny and Grandma's things, buy Nanna and Grandad's chocolate, and if I have time make some cookies!!!(I can always just make the cookie dough and stick it in the freezer to cook when we want them though)

Also Later on I'm going to attempt this... Yes it's Minnie Mouse buns!!( I'm Minnie!!)Minnie Mouse Buns | Hairstyle Tutorial
Video Tutorial Here...
(These are by CuteGirlsHairstyles)
Hmm think that's all my news this week, now it's time to get back to some more school, sewing and waiting for Christmas to come...
See you lovely People xxx

Thursday, 21 November 2013


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Ello my friends:) Hope your all alright:) So Christmas is getting nearer, and I believe it's only 33 days!? I really need to catch up a bit because I'm making some key rings to sell at church for the 'Care & Compassion Fund'. I need some more key rings but mum has ordered some so I hope they come soon! I've started a couple but of course I can't finish them:( I'm also hoping to make some cookies and stuff for Christmas to nibble on, so I'm hoping to find time to do that too. I've had a bit of a panic for the last couple of days because I'd lost my phone and kinda wanted it so I spent 3 hours looking for it in total but yesterday, luckily, I found it in one of my coat pockets!!! The thing is I'd looked in one of my coat's pockets but not the other!!  Anyway I'm happy now and all my free time will be spent sewing!!! I'm soooo glad that panic is over!!          It's funny because I always get excited for Christmas really early so I like to make all my card and do all my presents, which is all right, but Ta gets really annoyed with me for doing so! My mum things I'm a bit clever to get it all over with! Well I need to get on with some other things now so Bye xoxox

By the way if you want to see the presents I've made I'll take a picture of them all and send them AFTER Christmas because some of my siblings read this!!  

I made this!!:D

Thursday, 14 November 2013


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Well life is pretty slow and manic at the same time at the moment, but I guess that's life just before Christmas. I actually can't believe it's only a month til Christmas!! I've nearly finished my prezzies for people. I've done the ones for my family, well all except Phoebe because she always just seems to be there so I never can!! I'm making my friends some at the moment but I won't have to finish them as soon cos I can give them after Christmas. Well I'm really kinda excited for Christmas. Ooh I just remembered that me and my friend my be starting up a YouTube channel called 'Person'. I know it's sounds kinda weird but you'll have to see the videos! We haven't started it yet but maybe soon! Hummm I really have not a clue  what to write about now so bye XMX

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Life In Our House

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Ok so at the moment I've had a few questions about how does our day go being home schooled and all so I thought I may as well tell everyone reading this.

  1. So we wake up and obviously get dress brush our teeth all those things.
  2. we then go downstairs into our schoolroom at 9:00 and begin on our first thing.(I think I'll tell you about what I do today)
  3. So on Thursdays I begin with this so when I go downstairs I turn all the computers on and begin writing this:D
  4. Then at about 9:30 I move on to my next thing which on a Thursday is 'Sumdog',which is an online maths/reading/writing games program.
  5. Then at 10:00 I do my Literacy Studies which at the moment are about 'Little Women' by Louisa M. Alcott.
  6. At 11:00 we have a snack and break until 11:30.
  7. Then I go on to my science(GRRRR) until 12:30
  8. at 12:30 every day we have 'All Together Time', on Monday we have Geography, Tuesday it's 'Igniting My Writing'(an English book that we do all together), Wednesday it's art:) and today it's Zoology.
  9. That finishes at about 1:30 so we have lunch and break until 2:30( which seems long but it's really not when you have 8 people in the kitchen trying to make their lunch all at the same time!!)
  10. After lunch I do my 'Jump In' for an hour then do my spelling test.
  11. That's school over but we still have to do chores and stuff. 
That is a day in our house:D but obviously without all the havoc added!! Well I hop you understand more about me now:D Goodbye lovely people xMx  

Friday, 1 November 2013


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Hiya if anyone is confused about blog names I have an earlier post that tells you where each one is in my family:D

Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Gathering 2013!!

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So I didn't post last week because it was half term, which of course means that at the weekend The Gathering was on!!  We had an awesome weekend and we could really feel the presence of God each evening. The best evening was probably Saturday, I think lots of people got saved and also God told them what the future might hold for them. There was a really awesome preacher called Elijah and he spoke on Friday and Saturday evenings. For some reason he spoke about water both times and his surname is Waters!! On the Saturday afternoon there was a lady called Helen who sang for most of it but it was really powerful. On the Sunday afternoon there was a man called John who preached about digging deep until you hit the rock and that you can't build on a spade(The spade would be something like the Gathering). In the afternoons on Saturday when there wasn't a big event on, we had experience things which were like hands on lessons kinda thing. They were really quite interesting and I hope one day I'll be able to use what I learnt in them. When there wasn't any meetings or anything on we were either eating lunch/dinner or playing on the rides. The rides were Twister(You sit in seats then it spins you round but unfortunately the person on the left of the seat gets all the weight of the other people/person that are on the seat thrown on them!!) and a ride called Outrage, which is one of them rides that just go round and round then goes the opposite way. I haven't been on Outrage because it looks like it makes you really dizzy and I think I'd throw up!! Anyway all in all it was an awesome weekend and when they've posted the review I'll try and remember to post it!!  Yesterday I finally found what I was going to make Ellie for Xmas!!    That is all my news... wait have I told you that I got my braces in on Tuesday last week?? Well I have and they did hurt quite a lot when I first got them in but they're fine now(Thank goodness!).  Goodbye Lovely people!! XXMXX
P.S. I watched the first Batman movie last night and was quite surprised that I watched to the end and I didn't have nightmare, but then again I hardly ever do!!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

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Yesterday I got my braces in!:)  I've got a bottom one and a removeable top one. They're not coloured yet but they can be later on if  want them to be.They kinda hurt a bit but its normal cos my teeth are moving. I can't have any chewy sweets and if I want to have something hard I have to chop it up really small. After a meal I have to take my top one out and clean it. I have to have a weird shape toothbrush that has a thin brushy thing at the end to clean in between the metal bars.I took nearly an hour to eat my tea last night which was weird for me! I think that is it for now I will post of new news soon   Bye xxx

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

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Helllloooo Woorrlldd!! How are you all? I hope you're all well because I don't like to see (or hear) anyone being unwell.   Sooooo   most of my day has been spent sticking stickers in a book for Chip because the book isn't fun unless the stickers are already in it. It's one of those books where you have to find the things it tells you to and if you can't read(Like Chip) then the book is no fun. So we spent from half twelve to ten to two sticking stickers in for Chip!!  So that was practically my day...  sooo Bye my lovely friends :D

Thursday, 10 October 2013


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Well the past week has been pretty normal to be honest but I have been to the orthodentist to see of I can get braces:) Hopefully Iwill be able to without having to have teeth taken out
 . I  had to have a distgusting mould in my mouth to shape around my teeth. It got stuck to my tongue and around my mouth:(  Luckily Dad treated me to a Caramel Mars Milkshake. It  was sooooo yummy:) Thats probably the most excitong  thing thays happened in my life so far... see you  next time xxxMxxx

Thursday, 3 October 2013


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Sooo the unfortunate circumstance that happened last week actually turned out pretty well because... WE GOT A TOUCH SCREEN COMPUTER!!! That may not seem very exciting to you but we've had really old slow computers for years so to have a brand new fast and AWESOME touch screen is pretty cool. Urmm last night I didn't get much sleep 'cos my head was SPINNING with ideas for Christmas presents!! It's so weird though because all of yesterday I couldn't find anything to make but as soon as I went to bed I had millions of ideas!! The good thing was that I had got a sheet of paper to draw the ideas on so I drew one,put the sheet in my diary and tried to go back to sleep but again my head would be like ' No Minnie don't go to sleep I have an idea!!' so again I'd get out my diary and draw my idea, which was pretty good because sometimes I come up with and idea an then by the morning I've completely forgotten it which really annoys me! The only problem was that I didn't get to sleep until about 11:00 p.m :(  I thought I was gonna need bigger fabrics cos I only really have scraps but I went through them this morning and found that I would be OK :) I'll tell you the ideas I had nearer Christmas because at the moment I have kids looking over my shoulders!! You may be thinking that I'm mad getting my Christmas presents now but because I'm sewing most of them it's best to start now!!                                 URMMMMMMM                           Ok so I have not a clue what to write now so Bye xxMxx

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Uh Ohh!

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OK so something really kinda annoying happened on Saturday. You see mum was gonna go and do some work for Youth Church so she went to turn the computer(note that it is not a laptop) on but guess what? On the most annoying day for it to happen the computer went kaput! So at the moment the computer tower is at the repair shop and the laptop is plugged into the computer screen. I'm really hoping it can get fixed so that we can have three computers again cos we really need them for school! Anyway that's that!! So on Tuesday I got a new Diary!! It's REALLY pretty but Bugs said it looked like a pirate diary!! Its leather, homemade and has a music note on the front:) I got it on Amazon. It has a lock on the front but not with a key so I've asked for a lockable box for Christmas! Did you know that yesterday was exactly 3 months til Christmas!!! I'm So Excited!!! Urmmm did you know that on my birthday I have also got my dance show!!! It's gonna be my 13th birthday so what a way to celebrate!! As some of you may know I do ballet but there are other people that do other types of dances. The theme is toys and the name of the show is going to be 'Dysart 'R' Us'  (Dystart is the name of the dance schooly thing.) Our class are going to be spinning tops!! And I think we are going to wear glow-in-the-dark tutus!!! Unfortunately it takes up 3 Sundays for photos, rehearsals and the actual show:( Hopefully I'll be able to make them all! Anyway I think I need to come off here now so bye xxMxx  

Thursday, 19 September 2013


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Ok so not much really happening in my life this week:( but I will find something to tell you!! So yesterday we did art,(YAY!!) and we made these really cool word art things. Nobody's finished theirs yet but we will in our free time. I'd seen the kind of things before so I was pleased when my mum said we we're doing them! At dance yesterday we didn't do to well but we did sort out something that looked quite messy. We've been working on this dance for a year now so hopefully we'll be done soon!! The last few bits that we've done are actually really good but there are a few things that need neatening before we move on. We've actually lost 2 people so now we've only got 5 of us!! I think it's going to work without them though! Urmmmm I dunno what else to say now!!  If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments! 

My Picture so far:)
Funny Faces!!

P.S to comment you will need to sign in to Google, Yahoo or some other email site kinda thing AND remember my mum is moderating the comments!

Thursday, 12 September 2013


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Hello World!! So as school starts again your probably feeling a bit down and you've got loads of homework, but not me!! I dunno why but I'm feeling really happy!! :D On Tuesday I went to the Orthodontist to get my teeth checked and so that they could take pictures of my teeth so they can see if I could get braces:) Usually people would be like ' Oh poo I'm getting braces!'  but I actually really want then because I've got  a really big over bite!( I can stick my little finger in the gap between my top and bottom teeth!) The Orthodontist had to put two bits of plastic with hook type things and pulled my lips apart to take pictures. It REALLY hurt! and when he took them out I was like "OW!". Anyway in October I am going for another appointment to talk about me getting braces:) I'm actually kinda excited :-P So hows your lives going?? Have you had any  weird dental stuff done? Or maybe you have some other major exciting news to tell! Well? What are you waiting for? Get commenting!!    xx Minnie xx:)

Thursday, 5 September 2013

My Holiday

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Yeah I know I should have written about my holiday long ago but I haven't got time!! It's gonna be hard remembering it all so I'll just put links my mums blog because she's got nice pictures too!!

day 1 :
day 2:
day 3:
day 4:
day 5:
day 6:
day 7:

We had loads of fun and I hope you like my mums pictures:)

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Holiday In 8 Days!! :) :) :)

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So in 8 days we are going to (near)  Colchester for the first time in nearly 4 years! We're all really excited. Like I told you last week we're going to a place called Kentwell (It's a Home educators day or week, can't remember which!) we're also going to Audley End House, but since yesterday we are going for 8 days (Mum only just booked the campsite yesterday and she booked it for 8 days :)) so we will be doing plenty of other things too. I think we may be going to Colchester Zoo which we went to last time we went. I think for other days we will be going to beaches and plenty of other places :) We will probably be meeting up with some old friends (Have I ever mention that I was born there?) which are as excited as we are for us to come!! Next Wednesday my dad is picking up our new 12 seater mini bus that we will all fit in plus 2 extra!!!! I'm really excited because we've been waiting AGES!! It's really annoying though cos the last one we got was not in very good condition so we had to sell it again! But this one looks fantastic!! OK so next week might be my last one of the school year unless I remember to do one and post pictures and stuff before September!!!    Anywayzz good bye and see ya next week :) xMx

Thursday, 13 June 2013

My Nice Life...

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The blood test went OK! I nearly didn't get it done because "The man with the big white van" wasn't there but we did it and took the blood (Ew that sounds weird!) to the hospital(I got it done a the clinic!). Last week was really warm so we did most of our school outside. Also last week it was my dad's birthday and on Tuesday it was DD's birthday!! So this week was a bit hectic with birthdays! I gave my dad a sock monkey for his birthday!!! (I made it myself)
                                                      Me with the monkeys arms!

We are going away to(near) Colchester in 15 days.
The reason we're going is because we're going to Kentwell. We could have gone for one day but we thought it would be nice to stay and see some old friends and go new places!
I have changed a lot in the past 3 years!!

Time to go now bye X 
P.S. don't forget to comment!!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Scary Stuff!!

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Ok later on at 20 to 5 I'm having a blood test. Normally that wouldn't be a problem but I HATE the sight of blood and it always makes me feel dizzy:( Last time I had a jab(about 3 weeks ago) I felt dead dizzy after it:( I am really hoping I don't feel to faint and remember to look away! Anyway I need to go now Bye xx

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Energi Kids Retreat!! :D

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Last week was Energi Kids week!!!! We had SO much fun!! No it wasn't the warmest but it was still great fun :D The first day I wasn't that well but I soon got better with the amount of tablets I took!! Last year we missed out on most of the outside activities because it rained every day but this year it rained on the Monday, a bit on the Tuesday but the rest of the week it stayed dry:D We enjoyed playing on swings, chasing after my hat(Everyone likes to nick hats off each other at Energi!), worshiping,laughing and all together having fun! The talent show was hilarious! My friend sang her own song and was really nervous because she was first but she was absolutely amazing and got an amazing applause!I was very happy for her. I didn't do anything in the talent show because I can sing but I get really nervous in front of people that aren't my close family. The music workshop that I told you about before didn't really work as I expected it to because we are broken into teams of red, yellow, green and blue at the beginning of the week and do all of the workshops in those separate groups, so on the Tuesday the red and blue teams were doing the music workshop and the green and yellow teams were doing tie dye (We swapped over on Wednesday). I was in the blue team so I wrote the song first. We sat in a circle in our teams and wrote a few lines(Same with the other 2 teams), then 2 of the leaders mixed all of the teams lines together and made a song out of them!! So they  told us to bring our instruments for no reason!! I need to go now but I hope you got the fact that we all enjoyed ourselves!!

Gimme an E, Gimme a N, Gimme an E, Gimme a R, Gimme a G, Gimme an I....... GOOOOO ENERGI!!!!!!

LOL!!! XD Bye xx
P.S The weather is really nice now that Energi is over!!!

Thursday, 16 May 2013


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Ok so the title says a bit but not much, the reason I'm soooooooooooooooooooo (With 20 O's) EXCITED is it's Energi in 10 days!!!!!! You may have heard of it from previous years but if you haven't it's basically a christian camp with cool workshops and crafts and stuff. This year for the first time we're doing a music workshop!! I'm really excited but nervous because I like singing and I can sing (And that isn't only me saying that!!) but I get really nervous singing in front of people by myself :/ I just really hope I don't get to nervous and chicken out!!!
 Also in June (well the end of it!) we're going to Colchester!!!!!! I'm MEGA excited for that 'cos we haven't been there in 4 years! Also I've been wanting to go for at least 2! We've found some really cool stuff to do like Audley End House and Gardens (I will put a link at the end:-)) and Kentwell:) So gonna be a pretty awesome summer for me :) In September Bugs is going to be going to college :O Where have all the years gone? It's gonna be MEGA weird without him!
Today's been a bit messed up 'cos I started this at 9:00 a.m and finished it at 3:35 p.m!!! (I had to go and tidy my room and then do the rest of my school!!) Any way bye XXX

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Birthdays & A glimpse of summer...

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OK so last week (exactly) it was Bugs' birthday!!! He turned 16 and spent most of his day clearing out his room with Taz!! But it was the most BEAUTIFUL day!!! The sun was shining and we sat outside listening to music for most of the day! 
On the Saturday after his birthday he had a murder mystery dinner party. It was very fun!(Me and TP were being waitresses!) It was set in the 1940s, when the war was on (I think!!). Everyone's outfits were really good! I can't say anything about it because one of you could have the very same murder mystery party!
On Bank Holiday Monday me and TP went to Trentham Gardens with some friends. We had a lot of fun, especially as it was BOILING hot!! I stupidly wore thick leggings and a long top!!

He He can you read the card?!

His prezzie from me!! (He has a camper van collection!) 

We really didn't know what this was!

He made his own birthday cake!

Cheeky Chip!!

Also recently we changed the playroom around! (We seem to do that nearly every year!!)
That's me done!!! All those pictures are from Bug's birthday :) Sorry I didn't get any from Monday but I didn't bring my camera!! :( That's me Over and Out! xMx

Friday, 26 April 2013

Spring at Last

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Ok I know its April and the beginning of spring is in March, but it only just feels like spring. It's mainly because it's suddenly got warmer(in March it was really cold) and the blossom had only just come out. We've been playing outside for most of the day today because it has been really nice.
Abbie xxx <3

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Back to School Again

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This week was the first week back to school from half term. On Tuesday we moved the dresser in the kitchen to the schoolroom and got a new dresser for the kitchen. It all looks and feels so strange. There seems like a lot more room as well. 
In dance we are doing really well with our dance, but yesterday we deleted (lol funny word to use) out all of last weeks work.
On Good Friday Taz got baptized. I know it's quite late but I didn't really have chance to write about it. It's so strange because the past times that the youth have been baptized I haven't really felt that excited, but this time I guess I just feel like I know them a bit better so it felt more exciting.

Nothing much else to talk about now............................................................................................BYE xxxx

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Colchester (2)

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I wrote this once when I was about 9 but I didn't really describe it very well so I'm going to write it again. Even though it was like 4 years ago I can still remember a bit. Here is the original 
So basically we went to Colchester (which is where I was born) and met up with some old friends.

  1. Day 1. We went to 'Go Bananas,which if you were wondering is a big soft play area.(It is soooo fun, though U think they're closing it now:()Any way we went there with 2 of our friends (When I say 2 I mean 2 families)
  2. Day 2. We went to Colchester Zoo! We went with my godfather. I still remember it. We had so much fun there!!
  3. Day 3. We went to my old church, which was very nice to see, and we went to the beach with my godfather and Taz's Godmother and her family. It was a lot of fun there. I remember we brought a rubber dingy and had rides on it! 
  4.  Day 4. We went swimming.  I very vaguely remember this. All I remember was that there were really fun rapids and some awesome slides.
  5. Day 5. We packed up and went home :( We had a lot of fun but now it's time to say goodbye for 4 years and counting!
That's it really. I do really want to do that again! Why not have a look at the old one because it's got a few pictures on it. (You'll be able to find out what I looked like then!)

Shopping in Chester

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Last week we went to Chester with Nanna to go SHOPPING!!!:) (It was only the girls:))I think the first shop we went in was New Look, there we got TP some leggings. The shop we went in after that was Primark. I was expecting we'd be in there for a while and we were! I didn't get anything in there it was only TP and Lilo. We then went to have lunch in Costa Coffee. We then went off to the Build-a-Bear shop, where I got 2 little bows for my bear , Lilo got 2 whole outfits for her bear (she had a lot of money!) and TP got some leggings and some shorts for her bear. While we were at Build-A-Bear we met up with RC (one of my friends) and then moved on to the next shop which is where I got really excited because for my birthday I got 2 gift cards to spend in this shop.It Was... Drum Roll Please!... CLAIRES!!! (I know not as exciting as I made is it!?) I spent the gift cards on some earrings. We then went to a few other shops but nothing really much. Near the end of our trip we dropped RC at the Cathedral where she sings for the choir and then went home on the train. We did have a lot of fun and TP and Lilo bought a lot but I didn't because I didn't have as much money as them. I did buy some jeans in Fat Face though which I forgot to mention.

That's all really about the shopping trip. Last week we also did a photo shoot with my mum. The pictures are really nice. I should probably try to find some to put on here, wait a second... 

The 1st day, the 1st shoot.
In colour
This is still on the 1st day but the lighting wasn't so good so it didn't turn
out so well

TP :)
Doesn't she look gorgeous?


Before & After
Apparently I look 17!? 
This was just after the shoot when I'd put my hair up for Ballet
(Sorry about the dirty mirror!)

So there you are, beautiful girls!! Guess What!? I can change my earrings tomorrow!!! I am sooooooo excited!!
Time to go now Bye xxx

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Life as We Know it

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Today Nan and Grandad are coming over. It is also Grandad's birthday on Monday.
A few weeks ago we had our cousins over and we had a LOT of giggles and fun. :) I  don't really have much else to talk about because life is just so normal, so I will just post some pictures that I took on my phone 
And Now For Some Pictures Of Life

Silly Sisters!! :)
This plays a large part in my life...

...And so does this!

Well what can I say, I did!!

I <3 td="" this="">

My dear Kelly XD

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Why am I stressed???

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I really don't know why I'm so stressed at the moment! I have many possibilities but I'm not sure if they're right or not. Whenever I think of something that I haven't done that I need to do I get really stressed, I don't always show it but I defiantly stressed. AAARRGG!! It's so confusing... Now I'm getting stressed about being stressed! Boy am I weird!!  I'm also really tired but I don't think that's anything to do with the stress I think it's just because I haven't really woken up properly. I know this is a really short post but I haven't really got much to say so AdiĆ³s Amigos/Amigas  

Thursday, 28 February 2013

TP's birthday

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Yesterday was TP's birthday. The day before she was moaning because it wasn't going to be that special because,as it was a Wednesday, she couldn't go to dance because Bugs had an interview to get into college and we weren't going to have a special dinner like we normally do on birthdays because DD stays at gymnastics until 8.p.m on Wednesdays so we would be having tea really early or really late. But when she woke up yesterday morning she found mum had set a little trail of the song 'Happy Birthday'. So as she went around getting ready for school she found pieces of paper with parts of the happy birthday song on it. Also mum had put a big 'Happy Birthday' banner up in the schoolroom, so she found it was a little special after all. We may be going shopping in Chester tomorrow. I think I'm going to go now. Bye xxx M xxx

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Ears,Birthdays and Kindles

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Last weekend was awesome because I got my ears pierced, on Saturday was my party and Sunday was my birthday. For my party me and my friends watched both the Princess Diaries movies. It was great except for the fact I was LATE!!!! The reason was was that I was at sewing club and my friends parents were gonna bring me,my other friend and the ones who's parents they are (OK lets call the first one R and the second one Nback to my house afterwards but apparently N's parents didn't know what time my party started so they went off to a shop without realizing that we were going to be late.  We got to my party an HOUR late but ah well.  The day after was my birthday. R was still over because she lives in Chester which is half an hour away and my party finished at 10 o'clock. So when I woke up I opened the present from her and then we went to church. We had fellowship lunch at church and when we got home(without R) I opened my presents. I only got 2 which were celebrations and an apron but I also got £35 which I bought a Kindle touch with!!!!!!!!!! It arrived yesterday and  I love it!!  The only problem was on my birthday I lost atMonopoly!:(  Happy Valentines Day!! <3>

Chip thinking it's his birthday!!
Happy birthday to Meee

The Eating of the cake

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Cute Girls Hairstyles

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I've found this YouTube channel called Cute Girls Hairstyles.  They show you how to do these really easy hairstyles. (well some of them can be quite hard) One of my favorite hairstyles are the heart ones. I will put a link to they're website at the end of this post so you can see what I mean. They do from simple braids to hairstyles from movies!! They also do just normal videos from family life,so if your not interested in hair but your really nosy then there you go!! I don't think they have any of their family videos on their website but if you go on YouTube and search in CuteGirlsHairStyles it will probably come up with it. I've done some on my sisters and they liked the ones that I did. There is one hairstyle that is basically a no heat curls thing but it looks really funny when you've got it in but looks really pretty when you take them out.

Tomorrow I'm am finally getting my ears pierced!! I have been waiting for so long and I can't wait!! It's also 2 days until my party and three days until my birthday,so the ears pierced thing is my birthday present.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Bet You Never Heard a Funny Story Like This Before...

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I have the funniest story to tell! Our loo door handle was really stiff because the spring inside was braking. On Tuesday afternoon we were having lunch when Taz heard a banging and my mum shouting. He thought she was stuck in the study but guess what!!?? She was in the loo!!! We tried taking the door handle off but that didn't work so we had to call my dad home from work (He had to tell his bosses!!). We have a string hanging down from the bathroom window because we have to thread the hose through that window,so we passed her up a banana,a packet of crisps,a puzzle and a coffee so she was well entertained and full. At last dad got home and did the thing bugs was supposed to do but didn't because he thought it wouldn't work and guess what!!?? She got out!!!!!! LOL!!! We all pretended to be the paparazzi with old cameras and stuff like 'What was it like being stuck in the loo??'. Yeah it was kinda funny!! 

Oh I haven't told you about all the snow we've had!! We made an igloo with no roof!! (It collapsed a week ago!!)  2 big snowmen and 2 mini snowmen. Um... I need to go now because Taz needs the computer so BYE xxx xMx 

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Dumdy Dumdy Doo...

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...What to do. I really don't know what to write here!!! Life is just so normal at the moment. I could say that it's 17 days until my birthday (For people that can't count that's a week and 10 days!!). Also we're doing quite well with the dance we've been making u at dance (If you want more info on that read my previous post called 'Dance'. Also...Oh I forgot to write about sewing club!! Well my best friends mum has started a sewing club where she teaches us to sew. At the moment we are making hanging hearts,there are going to be three and I'm on my third!! I'll try to post pictures of them (If I remember!!). Well anywayzzzzzzzzzzzzz I think I'm done here

ADIOS!!!!!!!!!! xMx

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Life At The Moment

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Life at the moment is well... normal! By normal I mean doing school all day then going out to our various clubs/places and ten doing chores in the evening. But right this second  I've been asked to move for Lilo to get the rods(They're for maths), Chip is playing peekaboo with Taggy (His blanket with lot's of tags on it!) and everyone else is basically just doing school work. Oh I forgot to mention that the fire is crackling away in the fire place. A few minutes ago it was snowing very lightly but it's stopped now. On Sunday evening it snowed for ages and it was perfect snow and everything but when I woke up I was so excited that I might be able to go outside and play in the snow when I realised that it was raining. :( *sob* . A well I guess this is Britain after all! I think I'm probably done now so bye xxx M

Thursday, 10 January 2013

This is going to be a long post...

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Wow I haven't posted in ages,probably because it's been the Christmas holidays. I think first of all I'm going to write about what I made for people then I'll write what I got. Lilo really wanted a lalaloopsy doll for Christmas but I knew she wasn't going to get a real one (my mum made her one it's amazing!!!) so I made her a yellow bag with a lalaloopsy face on it and when she opened it she ran and hugged me it was so sweet!! For TP I made a phone sock in the shape of an owl. For Bugs I made a tree decoration in the shape of a plectrum(he likes playing the guitar) and for Taz I made a tree decoration in the shape of a drum ( He LOVES playing the drums!!!!!!!!!) for DD and Stitch I bought a sticker book and chocolates(each). I bought Chip a snowman hand puppet,I bought mum a necklace at the Gathering(I don't think she actually knows that yet!!) and I bought dad a burger recipe book which he actually pointed out!! For all my other relatives I made cakes and biscuits.

Now for what I got...
Sewing basket(YAY AT LAST!!), a lovely mask,a book, Imagine Beauty Stylist(DS game),sticky notes from my friend, a french manicure set,headphones, 'My Life According To Me' (that's like a diary notebook thing),hair dye,a hat, a bag,chocolate and sweets. People have been very generous this year!!!!

This week we've just been doing 2 hours of school to get into the mood of school again.
I think I need to close now
Bye xxxx

P.S. next time I blog I will make sure I've got pictures of all the christmas presents I made (except the boys ones 'cos they're packed away with the christmas decorations now!) and got and will post them!!

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