Thursday, 26 September 2013

Uh Ohh!

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OK so something really kinda annoying happened on Saturday. You see mum was gonna go and do some work for Youth Church so she went to turn the computer(note that it is not a laptop) on but guess what? On the most annoying day for it to happen the computer went kaput! So at the moment the computer tower is at the repair shop and the laptop is plugged into the computer screen. I'm really hoping it can get fixed so that we can have three computers again cos we really need them for school! Anyway that's that!! So on Tuesday I got a new Diary!! It's REALLY pretty but Bugs said it looked like a pirate diary!! Its leather, homemade and has a music note on the front:) I got it on Amazon. It has a lock on the front but not with a key so I've asked for a lockable box for Christmas! Did you know that yesterday was exactly 3 months til Christmas!!! I'm So Excited!!! Urmmm did you know that on my birthday I have also got my dance show!!! It's gonna be my 13th birthday so what a way to celebrate!! As some of you may know I do ballet but there are other people that do other types of dances. The theme is toys and the name of the show is going to be 'Dysart 'R' Us'  (Dystart is the name of the dance schooly thing.) Our class are going to be spinning tops!! And I think we are going to wear glow-in-the-dark tutus!!! Unfortunately it takes up 3 Sundays for photos, rehearsals and the actual show:( Hopefully I'll be able to make them all! Anyway I think I need to come off here now so bye xxMxx  

Thursday, 19 September 2013


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Ok so not much really happening in my life this week:( but I will find something to tell you!! So yesterday we did art,(YAY!!) and we made these really cool word art things. Nobody's finished theirs yet but we will in our free time. I'd seen the kind of things before so I was pleased when my mum said we we're doing them! At dance yesterday we didn't do to well but we did sort out something that looked quite messy. We've been working on this dance for a year now so hopefully we'll be done soon!! The last few bits that we've done are actually really good but there are a few things that need neatening before we move on. We've actually lost 2 people so now we've only got 5 of us!! I think it's going to work without them though! Urmmmm I dunno what else to say now!!  If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments! 

My Picture so far:)
Funny Faces!!

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Thursday, 12 September 2013


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Hello World!! So as school starts again your probably feeling a bit down and you've got loads of homework, but not me!! I dunno why but I'm feeling really happy!! :D On Tuesday I went to the Orthodontist to get my teeth checked and so that they could take pictures of my teeth so they can see if I could get braces:) Usually people would be like ' Oh poo I'm getting braces!'  but I actually really want then because I've got  a really big over bite!( I can stick my little finger in the gap between my top and bottom teeth!) The Orthodontist had to put two bits of plastic with hook type things and pulled my lips apart to take pictures. It REALLY hurt! and when he took them out I was like "OW!". Anyway in October I am going for another appointment to talk about me getting braces:) I'm actually kinda excited :-P So hows your lives going?? Have you had any  weird dental stuff done? Or maybe you have some other major exciting news to tell! Well? What are you waiting for? Get commenting!!    xx Minnie xx:)

Thursday, 5 September 2013

My Holiday

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Yeah I know I should have written about my holiday long ago but I haven't got time!! It's gonna be hard remembering it all so I'll just put links my mums blog because she's got nice pictures too!!

day 1 :
day 2:
day 3:
day 4:
day 5:
day 6:
day 7:

We had loads of fun and I hope you like my mums pictures:)

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