Thursday, 22 May 2014

My Half Term

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Hi! I hope you're having a good week so far. I have. Yesterday we had some Home-ed friends come over and we had such a good afternoon! Also this last week we've been packing and getting ready for summer camp at the weekend and Energi next week! I'm kinda getting excited now!! Summer camp is tomorrow until Sunday, and then we go to Energi on Monday!! Last year, I became ill on the Sunday at summer camp, and still felt a little a little icky on Monday, but I'd downed a few tablets so I was okay. I'm just hoping it doesn't happen again!! I'm also hoping this won't be my last year at Energi because one of my friends that normally goes can't come this year, and I don't get to see her at any other time, which is kinda sad :(  I am looking forward to seeing my other friends too though.

I don't actually think I have that much news!! I feel so empty!!! :O  So I guess I'll have to go!! Sorry about the short post this week, but that is pretty much all that has happened this week!! Have a fantastic weekend and half term!! xMx

P.S I have a new craft blog!!  Only one DIY at the moment but hope you enjoy!!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Hallo Me Friends!

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Hi!! :D I woke up today with a smile on my face, because it's so sunny and just makes me want to just run outside!! I love the summer. It just makes me feel so happy and not glum and moody, like in winter. It's funny how the weather can change your mood. I did get a little annoyed this morning, when I thought I'd lost my toe pads for my pointe shoes, because they'd literally just fallen but had disappeared!! I got so annoyed, but luckily I found them, and was almost on time for school. I tried to do a milkmaid braid in my hair today, but I have like no idea how you're supposed to do them, and I don't think I had enough hair grips!!
 This is what it looked like, i thought it'd stay but it fell down as soon as I went downstairs:(

So in a week and 4 days, it's Energi time!! :D So as some of you may know this comes around every year. It's a Christian camp and it is always AMAZING :D This year, my Nana and Grandad (who normally pay for it) could only afford to pay for 3 kids, being TP, Lilo and DD. I had a choice to go to a camp with my friend or go to Energi, and Mum and Dad would pay for me. I chose Energi because I have some friends there that I never get to see anywhere else, and it might be the last time I can go.We thought that Taz wasn't going to be able to go, but on Monday the leader called and told us he'd had some money donated so if Taz and Jake wanted they could come for a discount! Taz said yes, because he did actually want to go and was disappointed when he couldn't but Jake said no, because he had work and stuff he needs to do. Anyway we are all very excited now and looking forward to hopefully a sunny week!! 
The weekend before we go to a summer camp that one of our homeschool friends holds every year. We all bring our tents and camp in a field behind their house. I'm kinda excited because I only get to see these people once a year. We go on the Friday and come home on the Sunday, the day before Energiiiiiiii X-D

On Tuesday we had Girls evening! It was the second to last one of this series:( But Mum(the leader) has set us a final project to say what we've learned and stuff. I'm doing a collage and started it yesterday. I am so excited to see how it finishes!! 
This is it so far. Nothing is stuck down yet, so it may not end up like it.
This is my artwork from yesterday, which was Picasso blue period

Full moon last night, this is very zoomed in, it looks a bit like a piece of art!!

   I'm not sure if there is actually anything more to say than I'm very excited and BRING ON THE SUMMER!! :D Byesie bye! xMx

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Easter and other events :)

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Okay so I have written this post twice now on my phone but neither of them published, so I'm going to have to write it again!! This time on the computer though!

So on Easter Sunday I got baptised, along with Bugs and 3 other friends:)  Our cousins and Nana and Grandad came over to celebrate with us, and we had a fantastic day! My best friend wasn't going to be able to come, but it turned out that there had been a mix up with her choir times so she could come until 12, which made me very happy indeed!

The Sunday after our friend from church, who had been in the Philippines for 8 months, came back! She so happy and bubbly, so most of us couldn't help smiling for like no reason! 

This Sunday, we did our dance that we'd been doing for nearly 2 years!! We did it twice, once in the main service and once at the end in a different room. The second time went better for me, but TP did better on the first! Anyway it was really fun, and actually felt really natural to be doing it in front of everyone.

In the Easter holiday's I went to get my ballet pointe shoes. I had to wait 2 weeks to wear them though because we were on break, and I was so anxious to wear them! But last week in ballet was my first time doing real en pointe work. It actually feels like your toes are being crushed!! I have practised a few times on our radiator (it actually makes a great barre!!) in the bathroom, and am hoping to be a bit better soon!!

I think that is all my news!! I hope you have a fantastic weekend and I shall hopefully post soon! Bye xMx

I did these myself! Pretty proud of them!

I drew both of these! Pretty proud of them too!
Having fun with a new app on my phone!
And last but not least, coming out of the baptism pool!! It was actually squidgy on the bottom and really hard to get out of!! Unfortunately I was the first one so I was freezing!!


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