Friday, 18 February 2011

Posted by Abbie at 15:29 1 comments
Hey! Last week I told you I would write about my b-day so I will. Well I got a Nintendo DS Light and I bought a game called Super Scribble Naughts.I went out with my dad as well and we went to Costa Coffee and I had a medium hot chocolate with cream on top three marshmallows and a piece of cake and I was totally stuffed!For tea we had spaghetti and meat balls and for pudding we had summer fruits on marang. It was so nice oh ye I nearly forgot that we watched Princess Protection Program! I think thats it so bye bye...

Monday, 7 February 2011

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Hey peeps! How are you doing! It's my B-day in three days and I really want a DS and my mum said she might by me a second hand one... I'm so exited! On Valentines day I'm ging to my girls group (called Girls4God). I just bet this week is going to be a good one so I'll have a lot to talk about next time I write. But today I haven't got much to talk about today and I haven't got anything so Bye xxx

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