Thursday, 29 November 2012

Lilo's birthday

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Happy Birthday Lilo for two days ago!!! Yes it was her birthday 2 days ago and it wasn't mega exciting but it was fun. Me and TP bought her a Moshi Monster activity book that she now really likes,and mum bought her a camera which she has been waiting for for ages!! For dinner we had tuna and mustard ,salad and egg. Although it may sound disgusting but it's actually really nice! So life is back to normal now apart from the fact my dad is entering the Great British Bake-Off!! I know! I can't even imagine him baking let alone entering a competition for it! Well I'm kinda his secret weapon because I tried to make some cookies for him but I cooked them for to long! Oops! Oh well dad made some cupcakes last night that seem delicious!!  I think he may have done better than me. I have an obsession for painting my nails at the moment!! On Pinterest I just look for nail designs and try to paint them on my nails. On Lilo's birthday I did a Minion!! You know the ones from 'Despicable Me'? I also have Santa's belt on 1 finger the rest of my fingers aren't painted! I'll probably do them tomorrow but tonight I've gotta go to Youth Band! Oh I've got something major exciting to tell you!!! Well you might not find it exciting but I do!! Anyway it's to do with our church and it's not the new website it's...... The Family/youth service that's on the 16th of December!! It's really exciting because the youth are leading the whole service!! Right from the welcoming in to the refreshments at the end!!!  We're even doing the sermon although it's going to be 3 little ones rather than 1 long one. We're also doing one big song together that's really fun because the boys sing one part then us girls follow it on the verses and on the chorus we sing different parts at the same time which may sound hard but it really isn't!! Also on the 8th we're having a 'Crazy Science Party' By this man called Doug Horley. He's really fun and he sings some really fun songs. He also has 2 puppets that Bugs (remember he's my oldest brother) hopes he brings with him!!!  I think that's pretty much is it so Bye xxx M x

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Obsessed With Music

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I love love LOVE music!!! It's so calming and fun. At the moment I like listening to Taylor Swift and Majors & Minors Cast. Majors & Minors is a T.V program in America but I think  it's really good. I've seen the first episode and parts of others. The kids ( did I mention that's what they are!!) get trained to sing really well. They also get to meet stars and get tips from them. The thing is though none of them go out. 'It's not that show'. Here's a link to the first episode if you want to watch it...
 It's actually really good although you may think it sounds really naff. Here's a list of their songs that they either cover or make up themselves.

  1. ABC/Right Here Right Now
  2. One World
  3. Whataya Want From Me
  4. Spin Around The Sun
  5. Fly Away
  6. Anything
  7. Unstoppable
  8. Keep Holding On
  9. Tonight Tonight/Party In The U.S.A
 Of course it's only in my opinion so you can make up your mind whether you like 'em or not!!! I think that's it ta!! Thanks for reading I appreciate it a lot!!   M x

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