Saturday, 29 September 2012


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Nejl is over at the moment ( she's my friend). We're chattin on my bed. She was just texting my other friend that she doesn't even know!!!!
M xxx

Friday, 28 September 2012


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I'm at club at the moment(aka pulse). It's just finished and I think we're gonna go home soon but who knows? My dad can talk for hours but he isn't actually talking at the moment he's on his phone. My phones about to run out of charge so I need to go. M xxx

P.S this was yesterday but I forgot to publish


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Chatterbox is Chip's toddler group. Today was a macmillan coffee morning. There were some really yummy cakes!! Random piccy

Last night I was playin with my hair and I made this funny fringe!! Do you like it because if you do then I may get a fringe. Please comment!!!

Thursday, 27 September 2012


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I've got a new app on my phone where I can post on my phone!! That means I'll probably post more often!!! YAY!!! I think that's it BYE xxx M

Thinking Of Making My Blog Go Viral...

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Yeah I guess I'm getting bored of not having ANY comments so I've asked my mum if I can make it open!! She hasn't done it yet but hopefully she'll do it soon. I've just looked at my mums FROGACADEMY blog and she's posted some of TP's pictures,which are great!! I now have to use every ones nicknames so that means I need to remember them... which probably won't happen! Ah well I'll get used to it! Oh I just vibrated!!! If your wondering why it's because I have my phone on vibrate and I just got a text!! Ooh it's from my friend (well obviously!!) I sent her a pic of a dog wearing a wig and she said 'lool'!! (she likes saying that). I have Grammar next but right now i need to read Chip a story so... BYE xxx M (Minnie)

Thursday, 20 September 2012


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Went to dance yesterday. At the moment we are making a dance all together this time rather than just learning one that the people that kinda lead dance have made. We've got quite far with it but there's this one bit that I got really stuck on but Rachael taught me through it so I can do it now yay!!! Next week we're onto the chorus but Aoife keeps telling us that we may look back and scrap all of it because we don't like it so actually we could be hardly done at all! Yesterday was grandma's birthday and she came round and had tea. Me, Phoebe and kind of Ellie gave her some cadburys roses. Mummy, me, Phoebe and Ellie all made grandma cake that was really big and none of us could eat all of it!! At the moment Joel's doing maths, mums doing bible study with the little ones, Phoebe's doing english and so is Jake and of course I am doing this!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Back To School

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First week back to school.It hasn't really been that bad which is good. Let's just hope it stays like this. Yesterday was  really rainy,and I think it was our first autumny day. If I was in school I'd be in year 7 so I do most things for an hour which can get kinda tiring. I do cooked lunch on Wednesdays now because Caleb does gymnastics 5 till 8 so its easier to have cooked lunch so he in't to hungry. Yesterday I made caramelised chicken with sesame seeds (but I added pasta) and it was seriously yummy! Everyone gave it a 10/10! I was quite pleased.Hmm I think I need to do my English now so bye xxx 

P.S We got my ballet DVD quite a few weeks ago but forgot to say. There is a part in my dance were I forgot to turn my arm!! Oh well it's been and gone!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Summary of the Holidays

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WOW!! It's been a long time since I last wrote because it's been the holidays. It's been really good weather and I've been on 3 holidays!!!!! First I went to my Nana and Grandad's caravan with my family.It wasn't such good weather then but it was fun anyway,then I went with Rosie to Center Parcs.We had excellent weather then and it didn't rain the whole time we were there.Then a couple of weeks ago we went to our friends house for their annual summer party. As usual it rained a lot (because they live in Huddersfield) and we slept in a tent in "The Big Field". It was really fun though and we had a mini Olympic games run by Catie. I think that sums up the holidays oh 1 thing we go back to school in 2 DAYS!!!!! I'm gonna be secondary level so lets hope I do well!!

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