Monday, 22 November 2010

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Hello its me again!A few weeks ago we got some new sylvanians.You might not know what they are so I'm going to tell you basically there little furry animals with clothes and you can get little babies and there so cute and you can get houses as well.Anyway as I was saying we got some new slvanian's from Tilly and we got the Hotel,Town Hall and Riverside Lodge and loads of Families.There so fun to play with. BYE XXX

Monday, 15 November 2010

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Hi.Yesterday was so cool 'cause I had Tilly my friend over the for the first time.The reason it was the first time was because well you know when you feel a bit scared to ask a new friend over?well I felt a bit like that.I know its kind of silly but still.Any way we had lodes of fun and after we'd played at mine we went to Rosie's for a bit and played Sylvainian Families.Tilly's mum and dad took me home afterwords I know you don't need to know that but still BYE

Thursday, 21 October 2010

I have nothing to talk about

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We've been normal school as usual. I can't wait until next week 'cause it's half term and on Friday Ellie is going to our Nana and Grandad's.I seriously don;t know what to talk about know so I'm going to go now

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Rosies sleepover at ours

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I know its not very exciting but I'll tell you anyway 'cause I've got nothing else to talk about.Well last Friday Rosie (my best friend) came for a sleepover at our house because her mum and dad were out at a conference.Do you know what Rosie did, 'cause she slept on my bed she threw a few of the teddy's in my teddy bag onto Ellie's bed and it was really funny! I don't know what else to talk about now so bye xxx

Thursday, 7 October 2010


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Hey It's me again.On Monday for the first time I went to Girls4God witch is a girls group that of course is a girl group for God.I really enjoyed it.There were 11 girls there including me that is.We made thing to stick on our mirrors that say" God loves me just as I am".We each got a book mark as well and we all had to write down a prayer about ourselves and pass them round in a circle(in my diary I wrote down who past it to who but I'm not going to do that here!).It was all about self image. I can't think of anything else to say so thanks for reading and...

bye xxx

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Our new drama show!

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Hey its me again!Guess what! In drama we have got a new teacher and a new show to do.Our teacher is called Debbie and our new show is called The Three Little Pigs.I know you think its boring and you've herd it a million times but this one you haven't.This one has a change our teacher wrote it for us.There are still three pigs but they have names I'm Frank Shannon's Alfred and Phoebe's Berty (Albert for long).There's two wolfs though Ellie is Billy and Kaela is Henry.Basically Henry is the good wolf and he helps the pigs build there houses 'cause they all build there houses together.They build the first house out of straw then it rains and the house sinks,then they build a house of sticks and then the wind blows it down.Then they build the house of bricks and that's when Billy comes in and he's the bad wolf and its really funny because Billy is Henry's brother and they have a big argument about Henry being friends with pigs.I love the play and think its really funny
P.S I'm the really cleaver one and think up most the ideas. bye

Thursday, 23 September 2010

At Helen's (and our cousins)

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On Saturday we went to our friend Helen's house (remember the one I said I would tell you about). Guess what! its an upside down house.Me and Phoebe slept in her daughters room,the boys slept in the living room,Caleb and Ellie slept in there game room and Mum and Dad and Natie slept in the collage.We went for a really long walk with them up a mountain(well it was practically a mountain but it was actually a hill ) my legs really aced and I bought a ring at a a jewellery shop (some of us went to town after would's.On Sunday we went to our cousins church and after we went to there church we went to there house and had loads of fun and I was sad to leave.I think thats all so... bye xxx

Thursday, 16 September 2010

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I had a cool week but just in school so I'Il don't have much to talk about.I do have something to tell you though...I'm going to Malvern on Saturday and I'm staying at the collage there.(well I'm not but my mum and dad are 'cause I'm staying at our friends that live in Malvern)I'm really exited about it.OK I don't know what to say know and I'll tell you about it next time so....

BYE xxx

Monday, 6 September 2010

On holiday in Weymouth

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At the start of the holiday's we went to Weymouth.We went to a haven caravan site in Weymouth called Weymouth Bay.We got in free because Nana and Grandad have a caravan there.In the caravan site there was a park a swimming pool (outside and inside)and loads of sport things like archery and water walkers.Anyway onto what we did this is not in order ok.We went to a children's farm,a swanery,we went to 2 castle's called Noath Fort and Portland Castle,we went to 3 beaches and I cant remember the rest.I think on a few days we just hung around the caravan site. xxx

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Totally Drama

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Hey. Yesterday we did a drama show with the junior drama group. It was the one called THE TRIP (Iv'e already told you about on another post)We did it without Cloe though so Phoebe was Debbie and Kell and Emma.Shanan was Amy still , Kell was still Annie and I was the teacher of course.We all couldn't stop giggling.It went very well and Rosie and my family watched. (Exept Jake and Joel) I don't think there is enything else to say so bye xxx

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Nice Weather

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This week we've had really nice weather.We've all been working outside (Today we haven't been working outside cause we've only got computer work)Yesterday evening we ate our tea outside.By the way you can tell anybody about the baby cause its not a secret. bye xxxx

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

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hi.Today is my mum's bday.Her birthday present from us kids is us being good.Its a really nice day and we've all been working  outside.Were all exited about the new baby my mum might be having p.s don't tell your friends or anybody else for that matter.              bye

Thursday, 20 May 2010

My Week

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My week has been real cool!On Monday we had like a non-book day although some of us I think did some book work but I don't know.Tuesday of course we went to drama and did scripts.The script were doing at the moment is called The Trip,I'm the teacher who takes the year sevens to an amusement park called Denvon Park.Phoebe is two girls,one is called Emma and the other is called Kell.Our teacher Kelly is a girl called Ann.Did I mention it was an all girls school no boys allowed,anyway another girl called Shanon plays a girl called Debi and the last girl in my class plays Amy.Wednesday I didn't really do anything but school.Today we all worked outside because its so hot,I'm outside even now. Bye XXXX

Saturday, 15 May 2010

just today.

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Today has been good. It finished yet though.I went to ballet (dysart school of dance).I was hoping to go to Rosie's but she was going to a friends to see some kittens.This is homework by the way and its beautiful weather today and I wish I could go outside but I NEED to do this!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

My Granny, Grandma and Nathan

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hi.My Granny, Grandma and a guy called Nathan came a couple of weeks ago.We did all sorts of things like have Easter eggs.Hehe .It was the first time I had seen Nathan.Grandma laughed at nearly everything I said. (by the way Nathan is one of Granny's friends)We went for a walk as well.:) its Jakes bday in three days

Monday, 22 March 2010

Junior Drama Group

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Hello=>!Last week we started the junior drama group!It was really good.There was only 1 more girl.But there should be another girl coming called Olivia and we know her!I think it was really cool! =D

I really look forward to Tuesdays now because I really enjoy drama!p.s I am not doing swimming any more so I don't write about it much! But Phoebe still goes and past level 5 today! Hooray.Hee hee.
bye xxxx

Monday, 1 March 2010

Playing outside today.

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Hi. I've been playing outside today,and I went on the trampoline with Phoebe. We played dodge ball,crack the egg,blind monster and sleeping monster.It was so much fun. After we went on the trampoline we did some racing with a sports day set we've got and the last race we did was egg and spoons and sacks together.Oh yes we did one after that as well.We only had three people left and we were on the three legged race so all of us did it and Ellie was in the middle and kept falling over Bye xxx

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Mini boxes!

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Hi.We've got a new rota for school.We get to choose what we do and when we do it.I'll tell you how we do it shall I. OK now basically we have a chart with all the activity's mum wants us to do.For example say I wanted to practice guitar (we actually have guitar)so I would go and do it.Then once I'd done I would go back to my chart and revile a smiley :)!
Bye xx

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

My Fans still my fans but more...

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Heya. I've still got my fans but there is another two I think.You see there is a new little girl called Isabelle and she tells me whenever somebody hurts themselves so I don't about her.The other one is a girl called Alex and the teachers making a junior class as well so us older ones can go in it.Apart from that every thing is the same
Bye xxx

Thursday, 4 February 2010

More pictures of just dance...

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hi. I got more pictures of us on just dance. You see we go on it every Tuesday last week mum only got 1 of me but this week me and jake took quite a few so here we go ...

Thursday, 28 January 2010

our new wii game!

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Heya. We got a new wii game the other day its called just dance.Its so cool. You have to like copy the dancer on the screen and before you do it you can warm up because you can press on the "warm up" button. You can do compotion as well. Ive got a picture of me on it...

more pictures next thursday....

Thursday, 14 January 2010

jobs jobs jobs.

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hiya. It was hard to get on here because my password was always incorrect and at last I'm on it.Enyway I did hardly any school today because the estate agent was coming so we had to do a hole lode of jobs.But everybody did less than me though because I just went job after job after job it was so annoying.But it was sort of my falt because I didn't do it propally yesterday.I did get really frustrated. But I'm ok now.
Bye =>


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