Wednesday, 26 November 2014


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So, as the title reads, I broke my foot! Well I say broken, it's actually cracked but if something isn't fixed it's broken right!?
How did I do it you ask? Well I did it on Friday carrying the Henry down the stairs. I tripped on the long tube and slipped of the bottom step. At first it didn't hurt that much, but after hobbling round on it for a while I decided that it hurt quite a lot, so I took my slipper sock off and found that I had a huge lump on my foot!  I showed Mum and she said I should probably go to the hospital, but Dad was pretty busy (and Mum doesn't drive) so I would have to wait until about 9 to be able to go!
So after (about) 7 hours of sitting on my butt doing nothing, Dad came home and we headed to A&E.
I returned at about 12 with a sock bandage thing to support my foot until Monday when i would go to the Orthopedics and they would tell me if the crack the guy in A&E  saw on the X-ray really was a crack.
Turns out it was, so now I have a pink cast and an ugly black shoe that's like a size to big! I'm allowed to put weight on it luckily, because honestly using crutches all weekend KILLED!!!


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Well that's all from me today! Have a good week and I shall (hopefully) post soon!! xMx 

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