Thursday, 20 May 2010

My Week

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My week has been real cool!On Monday we had like a non-book day although some of us I think did some book work but I don't know.Tuesday of course we went to drama and did scripts.The script were doing at the moment is called The Trip,I'm the teacher who takes the year sevens to an amusement park called Denvon Park.Phoebe is two girls,one is called Emma and the other is called Kell.Our teacher Kelly is a girl called Ann.Did I mention it was an all girls school no boys allowed,anyway another girl called Shanon plays a girl called Debi and the last girl in my class plays Amy.Wednesday I didn't really do anything but school.Today we all worked outside because its so hot,I'm outside even now. Bye XXXX

Saturday, 15 May 2010

just today.

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Today has been good. It finished yet though.I went to ballet (dysart school of dance).I was hoping to go to Rosie's but she was going to a friends to see some kittens.This is homework by the way and its beautiful weather today and I wish I could go outside but I NEED to do this!

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