Monday, 26 September 2016

September 2016 Update

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I can't believe there are only 4 days left in September! It's been a crazy month of goodbyes and hellos. Right now I'm in Liverpool in our new room after doing more sorting out. I'll give you a run down of the month and go into further detail in a bit.

I've been doing more Disney drawings as that seems to be my destress technique.

We had our last Sunday at our church. It was so hard but a great day. Miss you guys!!

I had my first week of college and it was really good. I made a sugar paste lion and teddy, cheese and bacon turnovers and cheese and onion parcels. I've also got a little group of friends already, one of which is a Christian, and the other two we are hopeful for ;)

We had a leaving party to say goodbye to everyone, and although I didn't get many pictures I did take a selfie before hand because I felt I looked good, haha.

The week after our last Sunday we were actually still in Nantwich, so we went to the park and had communion as a family. It was really nice and a good way to say goodbye to the area.

Then on that Tuesday, Mum sent me down to the park again with Chip because the packers were at home and he was really bored. It was okay though because I got some Autumny pics!

This wigwam we made with my friends almost the year we moved in, and its been there the whole time!!

I wasn't actually there when everything moved, because I had to stay in Nantwich for college but I got TP to send me some pictures and this is what it was like. I kind of want to cry right now just looking at it.

And here we are in our new home. This is me enjoying the Autumn after our first service at the church on Sunday. It's a lovely church full of lovely people (some of which are a bit crazy, but who isn't!?) and I can't wait to see what God's got in store for them. 
It's been a bit weird for me though, especially to start with because I wasn't actually moving with them, I didn't really get the full feel. It's better now, but I feel like it'll get worse when I go back to college on Wednesday and have to repeat (almost) the same thing again.
It's been a crazy month and it's still sinking in that it's almost through. Soon we'll have trick or treaters at our door (for the first time!) and then we'll have to get the Christmas decorations out (or we might just not put them away, haha) and decorate for Christmas. Everything is changing and it's still settling in my mind, but we'll be okay because we rest in the arms of the saviour. 
Thank you all for reading and praying. If you could continue to pray, the stress levels are pretty high here, and both parents are exhausted, so they'd be appreciated.

Monday, 5 September 2016

How this Move is Working.

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So I realise I may not have explained the whole moving thing very well, so this post is here to try and explain kind of what's going on over the next month.
So this week we're still in Nantwich and I'm starting college on Wednesday. This Sunday is our last Sunday at church, but we're actually still in Nantwich for another week. We will actually see a lot of people again before we move as well because we're having a leaving party on the 16th. The reason we're not at church on the 18th is because DD has a gymnastics competition.
Then on the 20th, the plan is that the packers come and start to pack up the house. It'll probably take a couple of days so we won't be properly moved until the 22nd. Meanwhile, I'll be at college on the Wednesday, so I'll be staying at THE MEME QUEEN's house. (that's what I'm going to all her on my blog from now on. It was her choice.) The plan is that I stay with them for the Wednesday's, Thursday's and Friday's that I'm at college and get the train back on a Friday.
So this is kind of what my week might look like:
Monday & Tuesday: I'm not really sure what I'm going to do on these days yet, but we'll soon find out.
Wednesday: I get up super early and get the bus to the train station, the train to Crewe and then the bus to college. After college I have to walk to TMQ's house.
Thursday; I don't have college on Thursdays now, so I'm going to clean the TMQ family home, then do something else, maybe volunteer down at the new church cafe, or just wander around town, or whatever, obviously I'm not sure yet.
Friday: Walk to college in the morning and then get the bus to the train station after college.
Saturday: I might get a job, but probably not for another year as it's complicated to get a job at 15, as I experienced with work experience!!
Sunday: This will start with church and probably be a bit like Sundays are now, but you never know really.
I hope this has made a bit of sense to you, if you have anymore questions or anything, feel free to ask in the comment section of this or any future posts.

What's happening this week...

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Monday: Today is a not so exciting day, my parents are in Liverpool and I have part of the duty to look after the kids but apart from that, nothing really is happening.
Tuesday: It's gonna be a bit like Monday really but the parents are going to be here.
Wednesday: My first day of college. I'm quite anxious about the beginning of it because I'm not actually fully enrolled yet, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to get in or whatever. I think it'll be fine but I'm still super nervous.
Thursday: I have custody of all the little children for the whole day, because my older siblings and parents are in Liverpool (again). I have to cook and everything for them, and I'll probably end up missing my first week back at dance to. Being older sucks.
Friday: My actual enrollment day!! To be fair, this whole thing is making me chuckle a bit now, but it didn't on Thursday, I actually had the worst day ever then!
Saturday: I'm going over to the friends house I'm going to be staying at during the weeks I'm at college to sort out their spare room for me.
Sunday: Our last day at church. I'm actually dreading this, My friend still has tissues in her bag from the week we announced our leaving and I think she's keeping them there forever now. I know we're going to need them!!

Quite an eventful week then. If you're the praying type, please pray for this week for me because I'm sort of dreading it!!

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Welcome Autumn

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It's a wet day today, so I thought it was the best opportunity to write my first Autumnal blog post! You all know how much I love it, and it's September now so I can happily celebrate by wearing cosy jumpers and hats and socks!!! Also as I look out of the window, some of the leaves are actually turning brown, so you can't say that not even nature has registered that it's Autumn.
This Autumn is going to be a lot different than last, with the whole starting college and moving thing, but I'm really hoping I'll be able to make to most of it anyway. It turns out I'll be walking from the friends house that I'll be staying in during the week to the college, so I'll be able to take in the cold weather and Autumn beauty that way.
Not having a garden this year will be a little weird too, but there is a huge park right out the front and my sisters and I have a huge bay window in our room facing towards it, so that'll look divine when the leaves start falling. Oh man, I'm so excited for crunchy leaf walks through the park!!!
 What are you guys most excited for in Autumn?
Thanks for reading, I'll write soon x

Currently I'm...

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  • Reading: My Royal Story: Henry VIII's Wives. I have read 4 books in 1 week.
  • Playing: Polish Blast. A bit like Candy Crush, but not.
  • Watching: Nothing right now (except rewatching F.R.I.E.N.D.S) but I'm waiting (and waiting) for season 4 of Sherlock!!
  • Trying: to not stress out about college!
  • Texting: (more like Snapchatting!) a guy from our church
  • Pinning: Inspirational Quotes. Don't ask.
  • Crafting: I'm still in the middle of a little Christmas banner from a couple of years ago.
  • Scrapping: all the negative thoughts about moving 
  • Doing: my best to look on the bright side of everything
  • Going: to be semi living with a friend during college times
  • Loving: the fact that it's finally Autumn!!
  • Hating: 'Oh no, don't hate, you don't wanna put that in the atmosphere'
  • Discovering: what the next chapter of my life will involve
  • Enjoying: Chatting with my lovely friends
  • Thinking: about what to write on my next blog post
  • Feeling: excited and nervous and sad all at the same time.
  • Hoping  (for): a great last few weeks in Nantwich.
  • Listening  (to): Real Love by Tom Odell
  • Celebrating: The beginning of Autumn
  • Smelling:
  • Thanking:
  • Considering: getting up to get some hand cream for my extremely dry hands
  • Finishing: my drawing of Mulan by painting it.
  • Starting: College on Wednesday!!!

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