Thursday, 27 March 2014

Hair photos and more...

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Heeeey :D Okay so I've finally set up something so I can put my own pictures on here easily!! Unfortunately our internet is being really poo at the moment, so I'm not sure if they'll upload today but I will try!! So as I promised last week I'll put some hair photos on, and maybe even sneak a selfie or two in :P

So on Saturday, I'm FINALLY getting a brand new phone!! I have had hand me down phones for my whole life... UNTIL NOW!!! I'm really excited, and am going to try and persuade my mum to let me set it up!! (she likes to 'help') Luckily she's getting one too so will probably be busy doing that!! I just really hope the internet is okay so we can download stuff. TP is really excited today, because Dad might be coming home with a tablet... Mum just came down and told us that he nearly couldn't get one, but asked worked if he could be 10 minutes late, and he got one!! Well Done Dad!! So TP is very excited now!! And thankful!!

So I guess I should try these photos now...

I got inspiration for this one on CuteGirlsHairstyles 

This was actually really simple, just a load of twists in a ponytail, twisted on her head and bobby pinned!!

This is actually 2 buns, put preferred this side!! (And she had a bald patch!)

This was the after affect of the buns:D

I just really love this picture!!

That's it from me today!! Bye xoxMxox

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Herroooo :)

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Hope you are having a good day! Why does it have to be so dull on the official day of happiness!!?? How disappointing! Ah well just because it's cold and wet outside doesn't mean we can't have loads of laughs!!

A lot of my time at the moment has been spent on doing hair. Unfortunately not on my sisters because they have a thing with me not playing with they're hair! No, I use my plastic 'Girls World' which is basically a plastic head!! It isn't one of them professional ones, and it has really brittle hair, which in some ways is easier to do! I've taken a few pictures but they're all on my camera so when I've put them on the computer I'll try and remember to put some on here(!!emphasis on the TRY!!) 

I tried to read Emma but the beginning of it is quite boring so I couldn't get into it. I'm going to buy Sense and Sensibility instead on my Kindle.

That's it from me!! xoxMxox

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Book Worm:D

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Hellooooooo :D So today I woke up at 20 to 7(NOOOOOO) and stayed in bed 'til 10 past 'cos I needed to get ready to go to the Orthodontist. I am sooooo tired!!! And my teeth hurt! They gave me the elastic bands today, I have to change them every day even if they don't snap(or I swallow them!). Wow that's like the only news I have..... Feel like my mind has gone blank!!! 

OOOH just found something to write about!!!! So last week I started reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I read it all in 5 days and last night I watched the film. I think the film is really true to the film, and some of the actors are PERFECT for the characters!!   My mum said that some people that she'd talked to were disappointed by it but not me!!!
I'm thinking of reading Emma next because I've seen the film and think it would be good to read. Bugs says I should read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, and I think I will but I gotta buy it on my kindle first:D 

That's all my news for now :) So it's Over and Out from a Not-So-Mini-Minnie xoxox

P.S I normally wake up quite late!! That's why I'm so tired.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Pancake Day:D

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So on Tuesday as you may know, was Pancake Day!! :D As usual me and my family had pancakes for lunch. I don't actually think we had anything savory in them, (except banana) we just had SWEET :D :D  I saw a recipe on the computer for toffee and banana and was like "mm mm" but Mum said we didn't have any toffee but we do have maple syrup so I had banana and maple syrup pancakes :D They were surprisingly nice!! For some reason mum had a brilliant idea about doing pancake races!! It sounds weird but surprisingly fun! (I surprised myself a lot!!) At first no one seemed very keen but when we got going the others started joining in.
I shall try to get some pictures on later but I have to ask mum's permission 'cos they're her photos!

Recently I've been catching up on some Downton Abbey!! I'm still on the first series but I have nearly finished it. Last night me and TP watched a VERY dramatic episode. I think it was episode seven of series 1 but I'm not quite sure. I would tell you about it but don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it.
I really wanted to watch the next episode but it was bedtime (who ever invented that!?) :(|  Hopeing to watch it today.

How do you celebrate Pancake day??  Leave your answer in the comments:D
Thank you for reading :)

Over and Out from a Not-So-Mini-Minnie xox

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