Thursday, 14 February 2013

Ears,Birthdays and Kindles

Posted by Abigail Hampton at 10:52
Last weekend was awesome because I got my ears pierced, on Saturday was my party and Sunday was my birthday. For my party me and my friends watched both the Princess Diaries movies. It was great except for the fact I was LATE!!!! The reason was was that I was at sewing club and my friends parents were gonna bring me,my other friend and the ones who's parents they are (OK lets call the first one R and the second one Nback to my house afterwards but apparently N's parents didn't know what time my party started so they went off to a shop without realizing that we were going to be late.  We got to my party an HOUR late but ah well.  The day after was my birthday. R was still over because she lives in Chester which is half an hour away and my party finished at 10 o'clock. So when I woke up I opened the present from her and then we went to church. We had fellowship lunch at church and when we got home(without R) I opened my presents. I only got 2 which were celebrations and an apron but I also got £35 which I bought a Kindle touch with!!!!!!!!!! It arrived yesterday and  I love it!!  The only problem was on my birthday I lost atMonopoly!:(  Happy Valentines Day!! <3>

Chip thinking it's his birthday!!
Happy birthday to Meee

The Eating of the cake

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