Thursday, 21 November 2013


Posted by Abigail Hampton at 10:19

Ello my friends:) Hope your all alright:) So Christmas is getting nearer, and I believe it's only 33 days!? I really need to catch up a bit because I'm making some key rings to sell at church for the 'Care & Compassion Fund'. I need some more key rings but mum has ordered some so I hope they come soon! I've started a couple but of course I can't finish them:( I'm also hoping to make some cookies and stuff for Christmas to nibble on, so I'm hoping to find time to do that too. I've had a bit of a panic for the last couple of days because I'd lost my phone and kinda wanted it so I spent 3 hours looking for it in total but yesterday, luckily, I found it in one of my coat pockets!!! The thing is I'd looked in one of my coat's pockets but not the other!!  Anyway I'm happy now and all my free time will be spent sewing!!! I'm soooo glad that panic is over!!          It's funny because I always get excited for Christmas really early so I like to make all my card and do all my presents, which is all right, but Ta gets really annoyed with me for doing so! My mum things I'm a bit clever to get it all over with! Well I need to get on with some other things now so Bye xoxox

By the way if you want to see the presents I've made I'll take a picture of them all and send them AFTER Christmas because some of my siblings read this!!  

I made this!!:D

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