Thursday, 31 January 2013

Bet You Never Heard a Funny Story Like This Before...

Posted by Abigail Hampton at 09:36
I have the funniest story to tell! Our loo door handle was really stiff because the spring inside was braking. On Tuesday afternoon we were having lunch when Taz heard a banging and my mum shouting. He thought she was stuck in the study but guess what!!?? She was in the loo!!! We tried taking the door handle off but that didn't work so we had to call my dad home from work (He had to tell his bosses!!). We have a string hanging down from the bathroom window because we have to thread the hose through that window,so we passed her up a banana,a packet of crisps,a puzzle and a coffee so she was well entertained and full. At last dad got home and did the thing bugs was supposed to do but didn't because he thought it wouldn't work and guess what!!?? She got out!!!!!! LOL!!! We all pretended to be the paparazzi with old cameras and stuff like 'What was it like being stuck in the loo??'. Yeah it was kinda funny!! 

Oh I haven't told you about all the snow we've had!! We made an igloo with no roof!! (It collapsed a week ago!!)  2 big snowmen and 2 mini snowmen. Um... I need to go now because Taz needs the computer so BYE xxx xMx 

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