Thursday, 16 May 2013


Posted by Abigail Hampton at 15:35
Ok so the title says a bit but not much, the reason I'm soooooooooooooooooooo (With 20 O's) EXCITED is it's Energi in 10 days!!!!!! You may have heard of it from previous years but if you haven't it's basically a christian camp with cool workshops and crafts and stuff. This year for the first time we're doing a music workshop!! I'm really excited but nervous because I like singing and I can sing (And that isn't only me saying that!!) but I get really nervous singing in front of people by myself :/ I just really hope I don't get to nervous and chicken out!!!
 Also in June (well the end of it!) we're going to Colchester!!!!!! I'm MEGA excited for that 'cos we haven't been there in 4 years! Also I've been wanting to go for at least 2! We've found some really cool stuff to do like Audley End House and Gardens (I will put a link at the end:-)) and Kentwell:) So gonna be a pretty awesome summer for me :) In September Bugs is going to be going to college :O Where have all the years gone? It's gonna be MEGA weird without him!
Today's been a bit messed up 'cos I started this at 9:00 a.m and finished it at 3:35 p.m!!! (I had to go and tidy my room and then do the rest of my school!!) Any way bye XXX


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