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February Half Term.

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Almost every February half term my cousins come over. It seems to be a kind of tradition that we've never really noticed. So this year they came again and it was great!
*I must just warn you before you look at these photos, my cousins are CRAZY!!*

So they arrived on Thursday in the evening, so we spent the evening chatting. Dinner was quite late so when we'd finished we got into our pjays and onesies and just chilled upstairs on our floor which was now covered in mattresses! The youngest (let's call her M) had brought these weird Jelly Belly hand warmer things and Phoebe, Lilo and Becca (the second oldest) started throwing them around, and at first me and Issy didn't join in, but after a while we did and used teddies instead. We basically just lay on the mattress and threw the teddy up, and you had to try and catch as many of the others' teddies as possible. It sounds weird I know but it was surprisingly fun!! We than played 'Would You Rather' for quite a long time until we were really tired!
On the Friday morning we woke up and had croissants for breakfast. We got dressed then I think. I think we played Cluedo after that but it could've been later!! It was quite cold downstairs so we went back upstairs and got cosy in the duvets. We played a few paper games. (you know, the ones where you write a name, pass it on and they have to write another name and you make a story or whatever.) We basically played them for a long time until lunch and then came back and played some more until we'd used way too much paper! We just chatted for a bit then and played truth or dare, never have I ever, and talked about random things until tea. After tea we watched 'Shadowlands', a film about C.S Lewis' life.

Saturday was the day they were leaving, but it was okay because we had all day to hang out with them because their parents were coming and spending the day.We spent like 2 hours on the floor in their beds that morning basically just Snapchatting!! We then spent the day playing games and guess what!? yep, that's right, chatting!! It was great fun and as usual we had many, many laughs!!

This was Saturday morning. We literally only just fit all of us on 3 mattresses!!

This rabbit was one of the most wanted teddies in our 'Catch the Teddy' game. Becca named it and it's kind of an inside joke now!

Don't ask why we decided to play 'Would you Rather' at 11 o'clock at night. It was probably a stupid idea to be honest!!

I actually have no idea what happened here, or how I captured the moment!!

Thanks for an amazing few days guys! It was the best!

Thanks for reading and I'll see you next time!

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