Tuesday, 16 February 2016

10 Reasons I Want Summer To Come Right Now!

Posted by Abigail Hampton at 13:00

  1. It's Warm! Right now I'm sat on my bed, in my duvet, and I'm still cold! So yeah, it would be nice to be able to not be so cold all the time! 
  2. Free Time! The summer holidays are the best thing ever. I mean there is just so much time to do whatever you want! (Including getting a nice tan :D)
  3. Holiday! I love going on holiday with my family and going to the beach and watching the sunsets and ahhh!! I want it to be right now!!
  4. Being able to be outside. All. The. Time!! (Even doing school outside)
  5. Feeling Happy. For some reason, in the summer I always feel so much happier and like I can do anything.
  6. Summer Playlists. Last year I made a Spotify playlist of all the uplifting songs that I was listening to that Summer and it was one of the best things ever!
  7. BBQ's! We've given up meat for lent, so the thought of a nice BBQ'd burger is making me drool!
  8. Greenery! Don't get me wrong, I love winter and the many photo opportunities and beauty it brings but I honestly can't wait until I look out of the bedroom window to see the trees with leaves on them!!
  9. Making Memories. I know that we make memories every day of our lives, but in Summer we have more time to make incredible memories and time to spend with our friends and all of the people we love.
  10. ICE CREAM! I keep asking Dad if we can have ice-cream but he says it's too cold. Also I can't wait to drink iced coffee and basically all the cold summer food and drinks!!
I seriously want it to be Summer right now!! It's only 3 months though!!
Thanks for reading, see ya soon!!

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