Thursday, 23 January 2014


Posted by Abigail Hampton at 09:47
I am so not looking forward to today. You see yesterday was a really stressful day because Mum was really tired and so was I, and so there was a lot of shouting at people and tension. In the evening Chip was just screaming about absolutely EVERYTHING and going "I'm just crying bouuut". To be honest I couldn't care less what he was crying about because he'd change his mind every 3 minutes! When we went to bed mum went on one of her angry tidying sprees where she tidies up but by chucking all the messy things on the floor and then leaving them for us to tidy in the morning! So today hasn't started very well, because I got up and was immediately told that the schoolroom had to be tidied by 9.30. I am really tired and a little annoyed that today is going to be as poo as yesterday was.
The ONLY good thing that happened yesterday was dance! We finished it by the Christmas holidays and it just needs polishing now. Luckily we did a lot of that yesterday and it felt like we'd done a lot. We're hoping to finish by Easter and perform it sometime then.
Well that's about it. I think. Well unless you need to know about me getting my top train tracks in next week and my ballet photographs on Sunday.

Well wish me luck for the rest of the day! Over and out from a not-so-Mini-Minnie! xxx 

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