Thursday, 11 October 2012

Music and The Gathering

Posted by Abigail Hampton at 09:44
I absolutely LOVE music!!! It just really inspirational and I like dancing too. My favourite song is probably Taylor Swift's new song (well I think its new!) 'I Knew You Were Trouble'. It's really good you have to listen to it! Well unless you don't like Taylor Swift. Tomorrow is 'The Gathering'. It's like a big Christian gathering were we gather and do really cool stuff!! I'm really excited but you wouldn't tell if you saw me because I'm excited inside!!!! Later on I need to pack my stuff because it's for a whole weekend and we're staying in our Church centre. I'm actually quite lucky 'cos it was meant to be for year 8's up but there wasn't many people going so my dad opened it up to year 7's!! YAY!!! OK I'm getting more excited as I write this!  BYE xxx M xxx

  1.  I can't wait to meet some old friends
  2.  It's going to be SUPER fun!!!!!!!!!!   

I drew this on a painting program on the computer what do you think?

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