Thursday, 4 October 2012

Posted by Abigail Hampton at 09:49
Hmm we're really getting into school now which means being tired,getting bored basically we're getting quite bored of school already but it's weird because in the holidays we complain we're really bored and we want to do school!!!!! I guess we   just get bored of doing nothing all day. Chip's playing 'hunt-the-bead-in-the-macaroni' !!! It's really sweet. There's a banana bead in it and he loves it!! He likes to pretend he's eating it!!! There's also a teddy bear and he likes to cuddle it which I think is so sweet!!!! (Why do I always but so many exclamation marks?!) I cannot believe it's nearly Christmas! I've sent my Christmas list to my mum via email(I love technology!!) but I'll probably keep sending her more but oh well!! One of the things on my Christmas list was GETTING MY EARS PIERCED!!!!! Just like that! My dad said I could get them done in the summer but we never got round to it! Let's just hope I can get them done for Christmas 'cos I've wanted them done for ages and now I've stopped sucking my thumb (I know I only just have shameful!) let's hope I get them done soon. Bugs want's the computer now so BYE xxx M x

P.S. I can't think of a title for this so if you come up with one please comment!!!

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Caroline (Frogmum) on 4 October 2012 at 23:25 said...

I'm open to suggestions about how to overcome the 'boredom' ..!

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