Friday, 4 March 2016

Our New Room.

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Our Old Room....

Last week we finally started doing our room!! We started properly on Friday (we spent Wednesday packing things up and Thursday in B&Q getting paint, etc.) when Phoebe, Lilo and Dad started on the ceiling. Saturday was then spent painting the walls, first and second coat and on Sunday Mum did all the gloss work (skirting boards, door etc.). By Monday we were ready to put the furniture back in. The painting didn't actually take that long but it felt like forever having to sleep in the dining room and basically having no privacy for 3 days. I actually had a wave of bedroom sickness whilst watching a film on Saturday!!
Anyway! Yeah, so we put the the furniture back in on Monday but it took quite a while (and Mum had spent the morning patching up some of the paint work) so by the evening we were really tired and we only really got the furniture in and our clothes hung up. We didn't have any curtains yet so on Tuesday morning we went out to Dunelm to get some, and a lamp for between mine and Phoebe's bed and a bin and few others bits and pieces. In the end we spent the afternoon unpacking all the little things from our shelves and stuff.
So it's almost all done now, except Lilo's bed is going to be raised but the legs for it haven't come yet. Under her bed we will have a dresser thing for some of her clothes and a chaise longue. Me and Phoebe are also going to have blanket boxes for the ends of our beds.
Our clock and a shelf haven't gone up yet but the clock is going between mine and Phoebe's bed and then the shelf is going between Lilo's and Phoebe's.

....Our New Room!!! :D

From left to right; Lilo's, Phoebe's and my beds.


Our light makes the coolest pattern!!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you like the transformation!! See you soon xx

P.S In case you were wondering, no this isn't my 200th post like I thought it was! Turns out I had 10 drafts and I made the mistake of thinking it meant 199 published posts, which it didn't!!

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