Tuesday, 4 July 2017

What my last year in Nantwich meant for me.

Posted by Abigail Hampton at 09:51
When I first started college in Nantwich I wondered whether it would be worth all the endless train journeys and travelling seeing as I wasn't even going to be getting any qualifications out of it but I'm so glad I stuck through it as I learnt from it.

  • I became a lot more confident. Before starting college I kind of just had friends. That probably doesn't make sense, but most of my friends were Christians and we just kind of became friends automatically. Throughout this year though I have met all sorts of people that I'd never really encountered before and I've been able to push myself to make friends. I think if I'd just started college in Liverpool I would've found it a lot harder because it's a completely different environment.
  • I came to see why it was good for us to leave. When it was first announced we were leaving, I didn't get it. I understood it for my family but not for me, but I've come to see that there were things in Nantwich that I needed to step away from and things that I needed to see in Liverpool.
  • I've started to worry less. I used to worry about almost everything but this year has taught me to relax and take life as it comes as worrying can't change anything. I still have mini panics every now and again but it's not as much as I used to.
There are probably many more things that I haven't come to notice yet but it has been a good year. Hard at times, to see why it was worth it, but I see now that it was and I thank God for the opportunity I had. Now I'm looking forward to learning a lot more in Liverpool about me, about the world around me and about God and what his plan is for me. Thank you all for reading, I hope you've enjoyed journeying with me a little through this year although I haven't written loads. Here's to a great summer! 

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