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February 2017 Update

Posted by Abigail Hampton at 11:24
February was a packed month, but a great one. From birthdays to cats, there has been so much going on and I have many photos to prove it!!!

In cake dec we had an assessment where we had to make a Valentines cake. This was mine.

If any of you are from Cheshire, you may be aware of the AMAZING ice cream made by Snugbury's. Every year they have a giant hay sculpture near their shop. Their most recent one, Peter Rabbit, was burnt down but I believe they are rebuilding it now.

I had my birthday!! It was on a Friday so my second family (The people I stay with when I'm at college) decorated my room with balloons (some of which are still there) and streamers. They were really sweet and came into my room singing Happy Birthday.

When I got home that evening I found out that my family had also decorated (this is a rarity for them but as I wasn't at home on my birthday they wanted to do something nice). 

My second family got me 3 musicals - My Fair Lady, Singing in the Rain and GiGi. My family got me a Polaroid camera with accessories. 

During the half term and weekend before we had some friends and family over. It was so much fun and we made many more memories.

So, this was a great day and I want to prepare you for the adorable pictures that are to come. My friend invited me to go to Manchester with her to go to the Cat Cafe. 






We made a cool friend in the Cat Cafe and he showed us around Manchester as we had no idea where we were going but he went to Uni there so he did. We went into China Town and got AMAZING food. Honestly it was so good.

Then my friend made me try Boba tea, which was actually pretty good, but very cold. My hand felt like it was gonna fall off. It was a great day.

I've been catching up on my 30 day drawing challenge so I only have a few left now.

Last week it was Phoebe's birthday and she got some Henna so she did this on my ankle. We went for a walk around some gardens but the weather was horrible and it started raining, and then sleeting. All in all it ended up being a pretty memorable trip!!

That's all for February. It was a pretty good one I'm not gonna lie. I hope you've had a lovely month and I'll write soon xx

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