Monday, 30 January 2017

January 2017 Update

Posted by Abigail Hampton at 16:51
The first month of 2017 is over and we are full steam ahead into the year. It actually doesn't feel like only 30 days since this year started, it's weird. This month seems to have gone on forever.
We started the year with an 'open house' and had some neighbours and people from church over. It was really lovely but they all left before midnight so we welcomed 2017 just as a family with Jake's girlfriend.

After getting me some wages from cleaning and Christmas money, I decided to hit the January sales and get me some new jeans. I absolutely loved these but I didn't actually get them in the end. One day I'll get some similar.

There's been many days at college as usual, and one of my friends was making 'artsy' photos, which I edited for her.

I've spent many hours waiting in the freezing cold at the train station. In the winter evenings it looks pretty creepy.
Of course, a whole series of Sherlock had been and gone before we knew it, further tormenting all fans for 3 weeks until the last episode which seemed like the very last (*Sobs to self in a corner*). Some people didn't think it was as good as previous series but I just loved it because it was Sherlock.

I had a bit of a sort through some of my stuff and found these things that I did when I was around 7-8. They're so cringey.

I went for a walk in the park the other day and found two very odd things- a duvet and a giant dead bird being eaten by a crow. Not nice.

I've spent many hours with TMQ (The Meme Queen). She recently got a new phone that she's been wanting for ages. The Snapchats are amazing.

Also, my dad put my plastic box that I use in college on top of the toaster after he used it and it melted. It's funny but annoying.

On Saturday we went back to Nantwich for a youth event. They had a guest speaker called Ian Mccormack who had been stung by 5 box jellyfish, died went to heaven and hell, and came back to life again. You can read about it more on his website. It was a great night and his story was so inspirational. It was amazing how he connected what he said about what he saw of heaven and hell with what the bible says about both of them. 
Today we went out into Liverpool to go to the Maritime museum. We only went to the Titanic section this time but we'll probably go to the other parts in the future. 
I hope you're month has been great and you're looking forward to next month (which features my 16th birthday guys!) 

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