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Christmas Q&A 2016

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Favourite part of Christmas dinner? 
I mean, I a big fan of food, and Christmas dinner is basically the best meal I eat all year round so putting a finger on which part is my favourite is hard. Aside from the turkey I think I'd have to choose the pigs in blankets, mainly because we don't really have these at any other time of the year (although we totally should.) I also love the prawn cocktail that my mum does as a starter. That's amazing.
Favourite Christmas advert this year?
 I was really excited for the John Lewis ad this year because that always seems like the start of Christmassy things but I was slightly disappointed. I do love the Aldi one with Kevin the Carrot and the Waitrose one with the robin, that's adorable.
Was there a present you begged for every year?
 Me and my sisters were slightly obsessed with Sylvanians, so much so that we sold our giant Playmobil mansion so that we could grow our collection. Every year at Christmas we'd go through the Argos catalog and circle the things we wanted and fold the corners so that Mum knew which pages to look at. Every year it would include some sort of Sylvanian toy and probably a Fur Real which I never got. We did get a lot of Sylvanians though.
Do you open your presents before or after lunch?
 We always open our stocking presents in the morning and then go to church. Normally when we get back we open one present that's to all of us. It's usually a game or something and we play that until lunch is ready. We then open our presents after lunch, although it is very tempting to open them all before hand!!
Who is your favourite person to buy presents for?
 This year I've actually struggled with inspiration for peoples presents. Normally I make them all and it makes me really happy because it gets me in the Christmas mood really early and I love watching their faces when they open them because I put time and effort into something, but this year I've only got 2 people presents. I haven't had as much time to make them because of college, and I haven't seen anything that I know they'll love. I think my favourite person to buy for is Jake because he's sort of an open book so it's easy to know what he loves and what he doesn't.
Favourite Christmas song? 
 I mean, I can't just choose one so I think my favourites are probably Coldplay's Christmas lights, purely because I absolutely love them and it's a great song, Mistletoe & Wine, and Merry Christmas Everyone. Ultimately though I love all of them, they just put me in such a good mood.
Warm lights or cool lights?
 Definitely warm, they're just so cosy and remind me of candles (probably why it's called warm huh?).

Guess where I got inspiration for this post from? Zoella. I think she's even more Christmas crazy than me. You can see the video including these questions here.
I love you guys and I'm so glad you're reading this. I've been looking at my stats recently and there's like 131 pageviews from Poland in this week. That's double the amount from the UK. That just feels crazy. If there's any of you guys reading this from Poland right now leave a comment to say hi!

Only 10 days til Christmas!!!

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