Saturday, 19 November 2016

My New Normal

Posted by Abigail Hampton at 10:45
As you should all be aware, (if not then you must be new, so welcome) I have recently started college and moved to Liverpool so things are pretty different around here now. Im going to try and attempt to write a little bit about how my life looks like now.
So on a Monday I don't really do a lot, it's kind of my chill out day, but I also start to make sure I've got everything I need for college in that week. Monday's still aren't very exciting.
Tuesday's is my get ready for college day, so I make sure my clothes are washed and I have everything I need. Obviously this doesn't take that long so I find other things to do as well like maybe take a walk in the park or make something.
Wednesday is the day I have to get up at 6 o'clock to get ready and then catch a bus with Phoebe, catch a train and then get the college bus to college. It sounds like a lot and it kind of is when it's that early but I've kind of gotten used to it now and I quite like watching the sunrise (although it is freezing this time of year!). Wednesday is cake decorating day at college, so we have at the most 4 hours of that, and then lunch until 1 when some people have to off to English or maths. I don't have my lesson then though so I have to wait around even longer for my English. After English I could walk back to my friends house (Remember The Meme Queen I talked about!?) But I usually wait with my friends who have to catch buses. In the evening, me and TMQ go to Afterlife which is the youth thing that my Dad started in Nantwich but they've kept it going now that we've left and I get to still go!
Thursday is my day off. I get to stay at my friends house and watch a musical with her mum (she's an awesome lady, honestly) because I've been completely uneducated in the musical world and I don't really enjoy that, so she's showing me all these classic musicals! She also pays me to clean her house which is amazing because I love here for half the week for free! I then get to go ballet which is lovely because I thought I was going to have to stop when we were told we were moving.
Friday morning I walk to college and we start with a practical. Last week we made Mince pies and it was great, we sang Christmas songs and everything. Friday is basically the same as Wednesday so I have to wait around a while for English and then I get a bus to the train station, the train to Liverpool and usually a bus back. Then, starting a couple of weeks ago, we have band practice for church, so I'll go to that if I'm not to exhausted.
Saturday, I normally have a bit of a lay in but recently I've been quite good and have been getting up earlier and not staying in bed too long. Saturday is a bit like Monday and Tuesday really, not a lot to do.
Sunday is obviously church day. We walk to church now because it's easy walking distance so that's really nice because we get to sleep in a little longer. After church we kinda chill a bit and then go back to church for the evening service and our new youth group called Rooted which is a bit like the old Afterlife.
I think that's pretty much a rundown of my week at the moment.
It's strange because I thought of this idea for a blog post when I was just thinking about starting college because I realised things were going to change but at that point I didn't realise we were going to move and how much things were going to change.

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