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Great Things About Christmas

Posted by Abigail Hampton at 10:48
As you all know, my favourite season is Christmas, and as it's half way through November and it's the 25th so it's only a month until Christmas, it is totally okay for me to write Christmas posts (especially as I was already doing so this time last year).
I have many things I love about Christmas, so here's a list of some of the best things about Christmas

  • The smell 👃. Winter has it's own smell. When you walk out of the door on a winter morning, it smells like cool crisp air and sometimes has a hint of wood smoke from someone fire. It's beautiful. Then there's the aromatic smells of Christmas baking. Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, all so festive and amazing.
  • The music 🎵. I am a complete sucker for Christmas music. I love it. I must confess, sometimes I start listening to it in October. Mainly though, I'll start listening to it at the beginning of November until New Year. It just has this nostalgic feel to it and I just love it.
  • The food 🍴. Christmas food just beats all other food. It's when the supermarkets go crazy on fancy foods and we all go along with it and eat as much as possible. As they say, Christmas calories don't count! Seriously though, the boxes of chocolates that get passed around, gingerbread everything, sausage wrapped in bacon (I mean,whoever invented that is genius but it is a little weird. Also, why do we only eat it at Christmas, they're delicious!), endless amounts of cake and birds stuffed with other birds. I'm not gonna lie, some of the foods we eat are a little weird to think about, but they taste amazing!
  • Family time 👪. I love my family. They're great. At Christmas they're even better because my mood is a lot better so I ignore most of their faults. Also we get to see our extended family and they're awesome too. Most of them are pretty crazy which almost exceeds our craziness which sounds impossible and I don't get it either but it's true.
  • The lights ✨. They're so twinkly and light up the dark nights. I love going shopping at Christmas time because the lights add a real enchantment to the whole thing and everyone seems so jolly (well, most people, some just get really stressed and I can kind of understand why)
  • The weather ☃☂☁. Winter weather beats all other weather in craziness. One minute it'll be slightly sunny, the next it'll be hailing like crazy. Yesterday when I got back to Liverpool the hail was insane, I've honestly never seen hail that big. It look mistakenly like snow on the ground. 
  • The opportunity to make things ✂. I think I make more things at Christmas than any other time of the year. I just love baking Christmas foods, making cards and presents and just getting my craft on. I mean there's even a great excuse to use loads of glitter.  
What are some of your favourite things about Christmas? Can you beat my totally crazy Christmas addiction? 

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