Thursday, 30 June 2016

My Last Day of Home-school...

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Yep, you read right, after 10 years of homeschooling, today is my last day of it. It seems kind of crazy to me and I know I'm really gonna miss it. There's so much freedom here and I can learn what I want to learn (with all the mandatory stuff as well!). I can do school in my pajamas and rock up at like 10, but as soon as I go to college I'll have to get dressed every day and get up at like 7! I know that's pathetic but I'm really gonna miss all the perks of being a homeschooler.  Also when I go to college, my bus won't get back until half 5! I'm literally gonna miss out on all of my life!!
Now guys, don't get the wrong idea about this, I'm super excited to go to college. I'm excited to feel like I'm actually doing something! I'm excited to meet new people (but kinda nervous too!) and discover more about myself as I step out into the world.
I feel ready. Ready to be pushed and challenged. Ready to see what's in store for the next part of my life, and ready to see what God is planning.
Right now I actually have no idea what I'm going to be doing on a daily basis, all I know is that I'm doing a Baking and Patisserie course and Maths and English GCSE's. I believe my induction day is in July sometime, but I'll update when that happens.
Meanwhile whilst I'm waiting for college to start, I need to get some work experience. Yesterday I walked over to Playworld (in the pouring rain!), which is a soft play centre that offers food, and asked if I could work with them during the summer and the lady said it probably wouldn't be a problem and that she'd call me. I haven't heard anything yet, but fingers crossed (or prayers, haha!)! That really would be the easiest to get to because I hate cycling and Nantwich is kind of far to walk to and from each day, with working in between! Seeing as we're not going on holiday this summer, it seems the perfect time to get some experience, especially as I need some before I start college.

So here's to the next chapter of my, and all those out there starting college this year's life's, because guys, this is about to get really good!

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