Wednesday, 25 May 2016

A Letter to My Future Self (200th Post!)

Posted by Abigail Hampton at 11:49
Dear 2026 Me,
How's life? You're 25! That's crazy. Right now that seems really weird. What's it like having responsibilities? Are you married? Do you have kids? Who's the lucky man? Had you met him at 15? Do you still live in Wybunbury, the place that has always felt like home? Have you been abroad yet, because if not you need to do that!
Today is an ordinary day. I'm feeling very (very) excited for Energi. It starts on Monday and I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone again. Solomon is sat next to me, being an ordinary 5 year old doing his 'Maths Seeds'. It's so strange to think that when you're reading this he's my age. He'll be getting ready for college like me too. Did Mum continue to homeschool him or did she get sick of it after we all left?
How are you and God? Is he doing something awesome in your life right now, or is it a bit normal like right now? Nothing seems to be happening at the moment but I'm thinking that college is my next step and I think I'm ready. Did you ever use your skills in Baking? Do you make the best cakes when it comes to church parties? What about Performing Arts? Did you ever go and do that or just stick with the Baking?
I hope you're still best friends with your sisters. I hope you call them up for random chats about random (or deep) stuff. I hope you still look forward to Christmas every year and make people homemade gifts. I hope you still appreciate every day that comes around and know that God has his awesome plan for your life, no matter the obstacle that's put in your way. I hope your running the race well and bringing as many people as possible along with you.
Try not to make every day an average day. Make each day beautiful in it's own way. Don't get stuck in your comfort zone. Do something daring. I know that's not very like you (I'm not very comfortable with the whole water zorbing thing) but give it a go. Surprise yourself. Remember that you have the power of God in you and you can do all things through him.
Have a fantastic 10 years! I'll see you at 25. Abbie xxx

200 Posts!! I can't believe it! 7 years and only 200 posts. That just shows you how rubbish I am at keeping up! I'm trying my best now though and I really am enjoying writing my thoughts and stuff on here. Sometimes my ideas do get a little dry though, so any time you have one, please feel free to share and I might give it a go. I wonder if I'll still be going in 2026! I'll probably only have like 450 posts by then! Thank you all for reading and I'll write very soon. (The next post will probably be after half term)

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Paul on 25 May 2016 at 12:30 said...

Just read this at work, and seemed to have a problem with something in my eye ... it kept watering and I had to rub it a few times!!
Great post ... hope you get to read it when you are 25 and you are way above and beyond where you might imagine yourself to be!!
You make me very proud!! XX

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