Monday, 16 November 2015

Reasons To Be Excited For Christmas

Posted by Abigail Hampton at 18:50

  1. Vlogmas ~ This is when a lot of Youtubers vlog for the days leading up to Christmas. I love them because it's a great way to get into the Christmas mood! In fact I love all Christmas videos and can't wait for them to start!! Zoella is doing vlogmas on her vlog channel + a main channel video each day leading up to Christmas too, which to be honest, I'm very excited about!!!
  2. Advent ~ as I mentioned in my last blog, we've made a really awesome calendar this year (there'll be pictures soon!) Also, I love everything about Christmas, so those days leading up to Christmas are the best!!
  3. Decorating ~ I love decorating, always have done, so this is one of the best things! My family always make jokes about me 'taking over' the decorating. 
  4. Baking ~ Who doesn't love Christmas treats!? And making them is one of the best bits! Also the smells!!!
  5. All things Crafty ~ I think I make a new Christmas decoration each year, thanks to my Pintrest addiction. There are just so many cool things to make!! Also it's cool to see how my creativity advances through the years!
  6. Snow ~ Man I hope it snows this year!! Last year we got a measly amount and it was very disappointing!!
  7. Finishing my Presents ~ This year I can't really finish my presents until a couple of days before (for top secret reasons!) but I'm really excited to finish them!!
  8. Shopping trip ~ This year for Lilo's birthday she's going shopping with her friends, and me and TP have the privilege of tagging along. We're going on the 5th of December so everywhere will be in full Christmas swing.
  9. Carol Services ~ I love these. It's the only time we sing Christmas songs in church, and it's amazing!!
  10. Christmas music ~ Although I'm already listening to it (when I do Christmas related things, like write this!) it's even better when wherever you go they're playing too!!
  11. LIGHTS EVERYWHERE! ~ Need I explain more!?
Do you guys think I should do something Advent related on here, and if so, I'm open to suggestions!

What are some of the things you look forward to at Christmas?

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