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Our Christmas Traditions and What We're Thinking of Doing this Year.

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Like every family that celebrates Christmas, we have our own way of doing it, and traditions that we tend to keep. You can find our Christmas day plan here.
This year we've decided to add a few new traditions and spice up our old ones a bit because this is the year that Chip will remember when he looks back, and we've been doing the same things for 18 years so it's fun to do something a bit different.
Here's a list of the things we do around Christmas time:

  1. Advent ~ For the past (many) years, we've done the same calendar with a Playmobil Nativity scenein pouches that we open each day, but it has got a tinsy bit boring so this year we bought a Christmas tree one. We're decoupaging the draws and painting the main tree a dark green. We're hoping to fit the Playmobil in it, but if we can't maybe some chocolate/treats and memory verses.
  2. Gingerbread House ~ we started this one last year but we all thoroughly enjoyed it so we're going to do it again on Christmas Eve.  
  3. We always have my Dad's side of the family over on Boxing Day which is crazy noisy but super fun.
  4. 2 Trees ~ We have two trees; one with all the bought decorations and one that used to be our normal one that is broken with all the homemade decorations on it
  5. We always do Christmas crafts in the weeks leading up to the Big Day!
  6. Sometimes we watch a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve before bed, then grab our stockings and go to bed!!
  7. Charades ~ Normally after presents and when the littlens have gone to bed we play charades with Granny and Grandma.
  8. Gift Giving ~ When we finally get to the opening of the presents, my dad sits by the tree and we take a seat on the chairs and the youngest kid gives out the presents Dad passes to them. (The conversation is normally like this: " Chip will you give this to TP? From Granny." *Chip gives present* "Thank you Granny!" etc. etc.)

Things we're thinking of adding this year;
  1. Christmas Scavenger Hunt ~ we may not do it exactly like this, but we came up with the idea of hiding a couple of smaller presents and putting the clues under/on the tree
  2. The Christmas Game ~ I liked the idea of this game but I'm not sure if this is a definite one yet.
  3. Christmas Number Wrapping ~ Mum likes the idea of this one, so we can open some at the same time, and it means a bit more moving around than we normally do.
That's about all we do. We do do other stuff but they're not necessarily traditions because they're not constant. 
What are some of your family's traditions?


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