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More Autumn and Christmas Prep.

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As you may already now, I absolutely love this season. From October to February I'm in a little haven of seasonness. Autumn is just beautiful (I don't like the whole Halloween craziness though :/), then it's Christmas, which I prepare for way before the actual time! Then it's my birthday in February which does mean that most of my favourite celebrations are right next to each other, but oh well!!
On Saturday I came home from ballet and as we drove down the avenue of trees that leads up to our house (which also looks DELICIOUS in the Autumn!) the sun was shining through the trees making it look heavenly so when we actually got to the house I went outside to take some late Autumn photos!!

So the wigwam pictured above, me and my friend made like six years ago and it's still standing, also how picturesque!? 

These leaves literally look sun-burned and I love it!

I am absolutely obsessed with the colour of these, like come on! How pretty!?
I will never get tired of waking up to this view. Our bedroom is probably the best in our house because you get the most beautiful views of the sunrises and these trees, which in the Autumn (and Winter when it snows) are beautiful!! N.B this picture really does not give the colour justice. It is a lot more orange in real life!

Also as I discovered the other day, it is only 8 weeks and 3 days until Christmas!! (SQUEEEE!!) So, it's time to start making presents! WOO!! That means this half term I'm gonna be sat on my bed crafting and listening to Christmas music!! How can it get better than that!?

I sort of make myself a little 'office' on my bed. It can get really comfy, until I realise I need something that is downstairs or need the toilet and have to take my earphones out and hide whatever I'm making.
 On the computer I always have my faithful Pinterest open and sometimes Spotify, depending on what I fansy listening to.   Yes, you do see a portable CD player there. We listen to the Third Day CD next to it, every year so it makes me feel really Christmasy and gives me the Christmas vibes I need and as it's October and not everyone in my family wants to listen to Christmas music (wierdos, I know) I have to listen to it in my ears and this CD player is perfect. (Also I've always wanted to use it for some reason!)

There are a few other things you don't see in these photos too, like the box of scrap fabrics and my sewing box next to me, and the draw that I put all my finished creations in!

How do you prepare for Christmas and when?

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