Friday, 20 March 2015

My Parents Are In Kenya...

Posted by Abigail Hampton at 20:39
So I kinda forgot to mention yesterday that my parents are actually in Kenya... Yeah kind of a vital piece of information I know!!
The main reason they have gone is to support one the women in our church as she went out, but soon found out after being there that a lot of what they'd be doing is to support the work of Hope and Kindness. My Mum has a blog with some amazing pictures on it so if you want to check it out you can here :D

Now be wondering 'What happens to that mountain of kids while their parents are away!?'. Well basically we try and get along by ourselves with no one else to look after us and just starve to death really... JOKES LOL!!! (I'm tired okay! :/)
No actually my brave Grandparents willingly looked after us these few weeks, and have actually done pretty well so far! Last weekend it was only me and Chip left at our house (No, I hadn't just killed the others, they'd gone to friends houses! Who do you think I am!?) so we went out to Jodrell Bank for the morning, and to be honest it was a really quiet weekend except for the constant nonsense jabber in my ear from Chip!
This weekend though will be really different because we have our cousins coming over! Wahoo!! :D They're coming round mainly so my Aunt can give Nana some help but they are bringing like 4 kids (and CRAZY ones at that!) so I'm not sure how much 'help' that'll actually be!! Ah well, I'm excited anyway!

Also on Monday it's only a week til Mum and Dad get back!! Yay! :D

I think that is all from my full-of-cold self! Have a good day/week and I'll type soon! xMx

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