Tuesday, 9 August 2016

We're Moving...

Posted by Abigail Hampton at 10:19
This is a hard blog post to write. This blog us chock full of my happiest memories in Nantwich. This though, is the post where I have to tell you all of that is about to change, because we're moving. To Liverpool, somewhere a lot of my family never thought we'd live. You see our family are very much the country folk, but now we're going to live in a city, with no garden.
My Dad was losing his job in Crewe which he's had for as long as I can remember. They're cutting that bit of the company out, so a lot of his colleagues are losing their jobs too. Right at that time, one of the guys from Elim contacted Dad to tell him there was a church in Liverpool that needed a pastor. He didn't know that Dad was losing his job. Also at this time our church got back the canteen in which had been used as a cafe and owned by a separate company . The church is going to use this now as an outreach cafe. It's going to be really awesome and my parents really wanted to be involved in this (at this point none of us kids knew what was going on!) Then, one lovely Sunday evening after our youth group BBQ, my parents decided to tell us that we might be leaving. It was quite a big 'might' at that point because my Dad still wanted to be part of the cafe but new that the church in Liverpool was a very obvious option. There were a lot of tears that night (mainly from me and Mum), mainly because I realised that the Liverpool thing really did seem like the thing that was going to happen.
On Sunday we told the church. A few people already knew, but the majority of people didn't, and for some it was a big shock, but for others they worked out that something was going on. (I have no idea how!)

What about me, you ask? Well, it's hard. It's going to hurt so much leaving my beautiful home, that I've known for basically all of my life, and go to a place that I feel I'll never feel at home in. I've been trying to tell myself that its going to be great, that it'll be a challenge but a great one. Other people keep telling me that too, but that doesn't make it any easier. Especially as I'm going to be commuting almost everyday back to Nantwich to go to college. I mean, how much time will I actually spend in Liverpool?
It's so obvious that it's God's plan though. The church (and house that comes with it) is crying out for some TLC and I know that our family has been so much bathed in that for 14 years and is ready to go out and share it. It's probably going to be the hardest thing I've ever done, but I'm gonna do it, and it'll be okay in the end.

Thanks for reading. If you're a prayer, please pray for us as we pack up the many (many) things in our house and as we prepare to leave our Oasis into our new life. xxx

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