Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Getting The Gift Of Tongues...

Posted by Abigail Hampton at 11:13
Last week was Energi Kids Retreat, and as usual it was very spirit filled. The theme for the week was 'In your wildest dreams, what would you ask God for?'. On the Tuesday night one of the leaders gave out little heart sticky notes to write what we're waiting for from God on, I struggled with this, because for a long time, I have had literally no idea, and at first I wasn't going to write anything but something hinted me to write 'gift of tongues'. When we'd written them we had to stick them on a blue board, and as I stuck mine on I saw that one of my friends had written the same thing and kind of whispered to her that we had put the same thing.
Later on that night, my friends youth leader went to pray with her so that she could get the gift of tongues, and after a couple of hours, she got it. Most of the people had left the meeting by this time, but I was still in there because I wanted to wait for her. When she got up, one of the leaders that had prayed for her mentioned that someone else had put the same thing on and that she should pray for them, obviously knowing that it was me, my friend started praying for me along with a lot of other leaders.

It was a weird feeling, because it felt like my stomach was knotting up,and near the end it was actually hard to breath and I was gasping for air. Midway through, my friend started singing 'Jesus Be The Centre', and some of the others praying for me joined in. This meant a lot to me because I love music and worship and to have someone singing over me during this milestone in my spiritual life was pretty awesome.
 They started to tell me to say whatever was coming, but that was hard because I had no idea what to say. I've heard so many things about how people get the gift of tongues, but I never imagined it would be hard to know what to say. In the end I just started moving my tongue to whatever came and it kind of came out as a gaspy 'Shnnnnnn'. As I was gasping that I started laughing, half at myself and half out of relief.
Then they started singing 'I have decided to follow Jesus (Christ is Enough)' and I joined in singing and clapping. It was pretty awesome!!!
By the end my mouth was really dry and I didn't want to sit still! It was definitely a feeling I want to remember!!

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